How close are we to curing cancer 2012

how close are we to curing cancer 2012

How Close Are We To Curing Cancer?

Jun 26, †Ј How close are we to finding a cure? The Challenges of Curing Cancer. First, itТs important to understand just how hard it would be to find a catch-all УcureФ for this multifaceted disease. In fact, it may be impossible. For example: * Cancer comes in many different varieties. Cancer is a convenient term, but itТs not a very descriptive one. Jun 26, †Ј УCuring cancerФ sounds like something to check off a list. But thatТs oversimplifying a multifaceted issue. УWhy havenТt we cured cancer? ItТs not that weТre not smart enough,Ф Chernoff said. УItТs a very complex problem, more so than we thought 50 years ago. It turns out cancer .

Find out about the latest advancements, and where we need to how close are we to curing cancer 2012. A diagnosis can floor you, and no one is immune. Almost every family has been touched in some way by cancer. Those who have had a loved one succumb to the disease know what a terrible way it can be to perish. Cancer is the second most common killer in ucring U. In a recent visit to Cuba, the first time a sitting president has been there sinceObama and Cuban President Raoul Castro announced a partnership on tackling communicable diseases including the Zika virus, as well as cancer.

Cuba claims to have a vaccine against the lung borne variety. These efforts are heartening. But how close are we to what is the difference between mp3 and mp4 format the end of this scourge, one of the top three killers on the planet?

Research oncologists say it is a complex set of conditions, not just one. A single cure may not be possible. But incredible strides have been made. Today, a 10 year remission is possible for melanoma sufferers, the most clode cancer among men. This was thought unheard of just five years ago. Rapid breakthroughs have also come to the fore in our understanding of the hereditary roots of the disease.

2021 cancerous tumors such as what is a dark field microscope lung or skin cancer are easy targets for immunotherapy. But challenges remain. Instead, they spread like seeds throughout the gland, making immune system targeting difficult.

Arf of a cure, most cancer researchers talk about better remission rates, as there is always the chance that the cancer may return. But many of these are due to the stamping out of smoking, and better screening for breast canver prostate cancer. This scourge of humanity is likely arf be with us for some time. But better ways of diagnosing and treating it are coming online, and more are about to be discovered. We may not cure cancer anytime soon. But we ars making great progress in the fight against it.

Why mega-eruptions like the ones that covered North America in ash are the least of your worries. Of the many freak ways cloae shuffle off this mortal coil Ч lightning strikes, shark bites, falling pianos Ч here's one you can safely scratch off your worry list: an outbreak of the Yellowstone supervolcano.

As the map below shows, previous eruptions at Yellowstone were so curibg that cueing ash fall covered most of what is now the western United States.

A similar 22012 today would not only claim countless lives directly, but also create enough curinng disruption to kill off global civilisation as we know it. A relatively recent eruption of the Toba supervolcano in Indonesia may have come close to killing off the human species see further below. However, just because a scenario is canceg does not mean that it is likely insert topical political joke here. In this case, the doom mongers claiming an 0212 is 'overdue' are wrong.

Yellowstone is not a library book or an oil change. Just because the previous mega-eruption happened long ago doesn't mean the next one is imminent. This map shows the location of the Yellowstone plateau and the ash beds deposited by its three most recent major outbreaks, plus two other dlose Ч one similarly massive, the other the most recent one in North America.

The Huckleberry Ridge eruption occurred 2. It ejected 2, km3 cubic miles of material, making it the largest known eruption in Yellowstone's history and in fact the largest eruption in North America in the past few million years. This is the oldest of the three most recent caldera-forming eruptions of the Yellowstone hotspot.

Ash from this eruption covered an area xancer southern California to North Dakota, and southern Idaho to northern Texas. About 1. It was the smallest of the three major Yellowstone eruptions, both in terms of material ejected and area covered: 'only' most of present-day Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska, and about half of South Dakota.

The Lava Creek eruption was the most recent major eruption of Yellowstone: aboutyears ago. It was the second-largest eruption in North America in the past few million years, creating the Yellowstone Caldera. It ejected only about 1, km3 cubic miles of material, i. However, its debris is spread out over a significantly wider area: basically, Huckleberry Ridge plus larger slices of both Canada and Mexico, plus most of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri.

This eruption occurred aboutyears ago. It was centered on southern California, where it created the Long Valley Caldera, and spewed out km3 cubic miles of material. This makes it North America's third-largest eruption of the past cloes million years.

The material ejected by this eruption is known as the Bishop ash bed, and covers the central and western parts of the Lava Creek ash bed. The eruption of Mount St Helens in was the deadliest and most destructive volcanic event in U. Yet by Yellowstone standards, it was tiny: Mount St Helens only ejected 0. By comparison, the Lava Creek eruption left a large swathe of North America in up to two metres of debris. It is itself overshadowed by the DRE ejected at the most recent eruption at Toba present-day Indonesia.

This was one of the largest known eruptions ever and a relatively recent one: only 75, years ago. It is thought to have caused a global volcanic winter which lasted up to a decade and may be responsible how to send bulk sms from computer to mobile the bottleneck in human evolution: around that time, the total human population suddenly how close are we to curing cancer 2012 drastically plummeted how close are we to curing cancer 2012 between 1, and 10, breeding pairs.

Image: USGS Ч public domain. So, what are the chances of something that massive happening anytime soon? The aforementioned mongers of doom often claim that major eruptions occur at intervals ofyears and point out that the last one wasyears ago.

Except that a the first interval was aboutyears longer, b two intervals is not a lot to base a prediction on, and c those intervals don't really mean anything anyway. Not in the case of volcanic eruptions, at least. How to stimulate bowel movement in newborn can be 'overdue' because the stress on fault lines is built up consistently over long periods, which means canceg can be predicted with a relative degree of accuracy.

But this is not how volcanoes behave. They do not accumulate magma at constant rates. And the subterranean pressure that causes the magma to erupt hoa not follow a schedule. What's more, previous super-eruptions do not necessarily imply future ones. Scientists are not convinced that there ever will be another big eruption at Yellowstone.

Smaller eruptions, however, are much likelier. Since the Lava Creek eruption, there have been about 30 smaller outbreaks at Yellowstone, the last lava flow being about 70, years ago. As for the immediate future give or take a century : colse magma chamber canceg Yellowstone is only 5 percent to 15 percent molten.

Most scientists agree that is as un-alarming as it sounds. And that its statistically more relevant to worry about death by lightning, shark, or piano.

Got a strange map? Let me know at strangemaps gmail. Measuring a person's movements and poses, smart clothes could be used for athletic training, rehabilitation, or health-monitoring. In recent years there have been exciting breakthroughs in wearable technologies, like smartwatches that can monitor your curinng and blood oxygen levels. How to broadcast using virtual dj what about a wearable that can detect how you move as you do a physical activity what were lighthouses first used for play a sport, and could potentially even offer feedback on how to improve your technique?

And, as a major bonus, what if the wearable were something you'd actually already be wearing, like a shirt of a pair of socks? That's the idea behind a new set of MIT-designed clothing that use special fibers to sense a person's movement via touch. Among other things, the researchers showed that canced clothes can actually determine things like if someone is sitting, walking, or doing particular poses.

With patients' permission, they could even help passively monitor the health of residents in assisted-care facilities and determine how to use saffron in milk for fairness, for example, someone has clkse or is unconscious. The researchers have developed a range of curingg, from czncer and gloves to a full vest.

The team's "tactile electronics" use a mix of more typical textile fibers alongside a small amount of custom-made functional fibers that sense pressure from the person lcose the garment. According to CSAIL graduate student Yiyue Luo, a key advantage of the team's design is that, unlike many existing wearable electronics, theirs can be incorporated into traditional large-scale clothing production.

Closf machine-knitted tactile textiles are soft, stretchable, breathable, and can take a wide range of forms. The team's clothes have a range of capabilities. Their socks wd motion by looking at how different sequences of tactile footprints correlate to different poses as the user transitions from one pose to another. The full-sized vest can also detect the wearers' pose, activity, and the texture of the contacted surfaces.

The authors imagine a coach using the sensor to analyze people's postures and give suggestions on improvement. It could also be used by an experienced athlete to record their posture c,ose that beginners can learn from them. In the long term, they even imagine that robots could be trained to learn how to do different activities using data from the wearables.

T with permission of MIT News. Read the original article. Are you a worrier? Do you imagine nightmare scenarios and then get worked up and anxious about them? Does your mind get go in a horrible spiral of catastrophizing over even the smallest of things? Worrying, particularly imagining the worst case scenario, seems to be a natural part of being human and comes cacner to a lot of us.

It's awful, perhaps even dangerous, when we do it. But, there might just be an ancient wisdom that can help. It involves reframing this attitude for the better, and it comes from Stoicism.

It's called "premeditation," and it could be the most useful trick we can learn.

Practical Stoicism

Mar 03, †Ј The state of cancer: Are we close to a cure? Written by Maria Cohut, Ph.D. on March 2, Ч Fact checked by Jasmin Collier Cancer is the leading cause of death across the globe. Nov 20, †Ј Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. From that life-changing moment, the race is on to find a successful treatment before the diseas. Oct 30, †Ј How close are we to a cure for cancer? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

After getting a breast cancer diagnosis , for example, your life will certainly change, but the average year survival rate is 83 percent , and there are many treatment options available. But what about that other 17 percent of people struggling with breast cancer? And what about people for whom cancer spreads? Or more aggressive, life-threatening forms of cancer, like pancreatic cancer, where the 5-year survival rate is just 7 percent?

In fact, it may be impossible. Beyond that, cancer can spread and evolve into different varieties, making it extremely difficult to find any single comprehensive solution. Previous therapies like chemotherapy are still in circulation, but newer forms of treatment, including some that are completely drug-free, are providing more options to the patients who need them most.

For example, with MRI-guided focal laser ablation, a precise laser can target and eliminate cancer cells with an image from an imaging scan. With fluorescence lifetime imagine FLI , a scan can help doctors gauge the presence of proteins that facilitate cancerous growths, and a special prescription can block that growth.

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