How to beat midnight club la

how to beat midnight club la

3. Midnight Club: Los Angeles Story walkthrough

Feb 06,  · Midnight Club: Los Angeles Summary: The entire city of Los Angeles is your playground as you speed through the streets, parking lots, and back alleys in Midnight Club: Los Angeles. 5 steps to beat midnight club.

Midnight Club: LA. By 91sportsfan Updated: 6 Feb pm. Replace [at] and [dot] with the correct symbols. If you wish to use my guide on your site, just e- mail me and I'll have no problem with it. Also, you send me any hints or anything you beta I left out and I'll put it in. I can also be found online in the game. Controls MCLA2. Collectables MCLA7. Trophies MCLA8. If you would like to use my guide, just e-mail me. If you see my guide on any sites besides the ones listed here, please contact me.

I have a list of all the sites that have e-mailed me about using my guide so I will know Cheatcc. Some of the missions will have you earn enough rep points in a certain area before you kidnight the mission.

The amount of rep points you earn from a race depends on 2 factors: How high you place within the race and the difficulty of the opponents you are racing. There are four difficulty levels and they each have their own color. Green racers beqt the easiest, yellow racers have a medium difficulty, orange racers are hard, and red racers are the hardest.

As you earn rep points, your reputation will increase and you will also unlock performance parts to upgrade your vehicles as well as better vehicles. If you have reached a new rank but didn't unlock what you were supposed to, you may have to do a race or two and midight should become unlocked. Same with when you have the amount of races in a vehicle lq an you don't unlock the visual parts.

If you check your mission log, you'll find out that Booke is the City Champ. Beat clu and after a while, you will get a call from Karol asking if you want to become a partner in his garage.

Once you do, all cars, parts, and visual upgrades will be free. Each vehicle class has their own visual upgrades, which you earn by competing in races with a vehicle from that class. You don't need to win the races, so if you end up in second a few times, it won't take any longer to get the upgrades.

Whenever you start a new game, you will be preset to use the Stick-Automatic control layout. Regardless of which layout you use, Start will always bring up the Pause menu and Select will always take you to the GPS map. If none of the layouts suit you, there is another option which allows you to customize the controller layout. Hollywood Auto is the first one you visit early in the game. Later in the game, you can use the Beaches garage on the coast. Each garage has its own side missions you can do, which will be discussed later.

There are midight classes of vehicles available in the game. Throughout you career you will need to earn rep in each car class as one of your missions.

Near the end of clu storyline, one of the characters you have met will be that vehicle's class champion so you will have to drive vehicles from all 5 classes in order to beat the game.

As stated above, each car class has 5 ranks that you progress through as you win races with each vehicle class.

There are only 3 Bike ranks that you go through. While looking at vehicles in the showroom, you can test drive the cars before you buy them to get a feel for how they handle. They will have one bar of nitrous but you can refill it by driving through a service station. It may be a little different because you may receive one and come back later to find that it isn't there anymore.

This list may not be in the exact order that you receive the missions because you choose which missions to do and when, which affects the missions you receive and when you receive them. If that happens just go into the garage and come back out and you should receive it. You can do them in any order but there may be a few missions that you can't unlock unless you do previous missions.

Some missions you may receive more than once, like the Match missions and the ones that have you win Wager Races out of the Hangouts. After getting far enough in the game, the regular area Tournaments will reopen. For missions that repeat themselves, the objectives will still be the same so missions will only appear once to keep from being repetitive they also don't count towards percent.

The Vehicle Champs what is the mortgage rate in canada race you one-on-one in the same type of vehicle. First Impressions After meeting What to say after a first date to a guy, he tells you to bea race guys on the strip. Flash your headlights at Henry and challenge him to a race Objectives Race Henry.

This race will midnigth be 'Welcome to Hollywood' 2. Sunset Strip Race Booke calls telling you that Trevor is looking to race. Find and race Trevor cruising Sunset Blvd. Objectives Race Trevor 3. The more Rep you earn, the more guys will want to race you How to beat midnight club la Earn Rep on the Strip [ points] 5.

Guys like Martin race from the closest red light to landmarks in the city. Challenge them and be the first to win two races Objectives First to win two races 7. Hollywood Hangout Booke calls telling you about some guys that race out of the Great Palace parking lot in West Hollywood Objectives Win the series race in Hollywood 8.

He's driving a '69 Camaro SS. Get Tuned Up Booke calls telling you to get some experience driving your Tuner. Earn some rep what are potatoes made up of your tuner and he will hook you up with a challenge Objectives Win 6 races with a Tuner Switch it Up Booke calls saying you midnigt to race different types of cars to succeed.

When you get your hands on a muscle car, earn some rep and he will hook you up Objectives Win 6 races with a Muscle Car Beverly Hills Hangout Karol calls telling you about some guys that race out of a parking lot in Beverly How to beat midnight club la. If you want to race, look them up Objectives Win the series race in Beverly Hills Step it Up Karol wants to see what you are made of. He is cruising Sunset Blvd.

Step it Up 2 Karol wants to race again in faster cars. Bring a C-Class vehicle to Sunset Blvd. Vehicles can be upgraded or downgraded to match a performance class Objectives Beat Karol Look him up Objectives Post the best time. Hot Pink Booke calls telling you that there's a woman in Hollywood named Annie who might be able to hook you up. Look him up if you want to try to beat it Objectives Beat posted time He's looking for a race.

Tricks of the Trade Karol calls saying you can learn special abilities with your rides from the garage. Special abilities are located in the what is a break even chart vehicle option Objectives Install a special ability Beach Match There's always guys cruising Ocean Ave. Challenge lq and be the first to win two races Objectives First to win two races Hollywood Tournament Karol lets you know of a Tournament in Hollywood.

Delivery Karol needs what are the signs and symptoms of hiv aids to deliver 5 cars for him. The cars will be at Hollywood Clbu.

He'll let you know where to deliver each one bbeat you get there Objectives Deliver 5 vehicles You can find him cruising in the Hills Objectives Win Tournament Valley Match Ventura Blvd.

She will race you best of 3 if you are interested Objectives Win best of 3 against Annie Mack Burger Looking to win some cash? Visit the rooftop of the Parking Garage off Arizona Ave. The Beach Front Karol calls and says he has a job for you when you have a chance. Grab the vehicle parked in front of his garage in Santa Monica on Pacific Coast Highway, just off the beach. Objectives Go to Karol's beach Garage Step it Up 3 Karol calls and challenges you to a race in his Challenger Concept.

Bring a B- Class vehicle to Santa Monica. Vehicles can be upgraded or downgraded to match a performance class Objectives Beat Karol in a B-Class vehicle Payback's a Beach Karol needs some help with clients who have not paid their bills. Use the Grand National parked in front of the Beaches garage to damage the client's vehicle Objectives Damage out the target vehicle High Rollin' Annie calls telling you to earn some experience racing Luxury vehicles.

Once you've earned enough Rep, she will look you up. Objectives Win 6 races with a Luxury vehicle Payback Use the garage vehicle to inflict damage on clients not paying their bill. Finish before time runs out or be ready to avoid hoq client's friends Objectives Damage the target vehicles Racin' for Pinks Annie calls telling you that the guys at the Mack Burger want to up the stakes.

If you're looking for a change of scenery, come find her Objectives Find Annie in the Beaches

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Story walkthrough. Your missions are paged to you and appear in the bottom of left corner of your screen. If you beat the first time by 30 seconds, then you have to. For Midnight Club: Los Angeles on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do I beat the game? it seems like it just keeps giving me the same things to . For Midnight Club: Los Angeles on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "This game is just way too hard".

You can trim off a LOT of time by using shortcuts. Run the races really slow on Arcade mode, and look for the AI cutting through buildings, and alleys, and such. Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last.

Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. User Info: HDCase. User Info: Kubmir. I did this test after someone complained, around the release date: - I went into arcade and lost "Welcome to Hollywood" on easy 25 times.

I went fast on straight-aways, but nearly stopped for 90 degree turns. Literally slowed down to under 50mph, turned, then sped up again. I came in first every single race. Im going to assume that you're like everyone else who complains about the difficulty and you can't get past the idea of traffic being in a racing game And they're on closed circuits while MCLA is an open city.

So with that said, I'll again reiterate the strategies you already read but probably didnt attempt to implement in your playing: 1. Avoid traffic at all costs. Even if you slow down a lot to avoid traffic, its still faster than running into it and spinning out. And don't say you can't see traffic, because there are very few times you can't see them, unless you're on a 15 inch TV, playing standard definition from across the room.

Learn to use the Special abilities. When you use EMP next to a car going the same speed as you, it gives you a decent lead over that car. EMP is almost like another nitrous in that sense. Learn to use Slipstream Turbo. You got the tutorial in-game, so you should be using it. Having a few extra nitrous during a race can really make a difference. You can almost always get a free SST at the start of a race if you drop back behind the pack.

With that said, you should also save your nitrous for the end of the race when you might need it. Using nitrous early lets the AI rubberbanding catch up So if you think it counts when you're restarting before the finish line, then that is your problem.

Always finish the race Motorcycles make the game easy. If you can learn to drive a motorcycle even slowly , you will beat the crap out of yellow races. Figure out what the brake is and use it before a turn. You may be the type who likes to power-slide around a turn, but guess what: That slows you down WAY too much.

Slow down slightly before the turn and try to keep your tires gripping the road as much as possible. Everytime they lose their grip and squeal, you're losing speed. Figure out what camera you like best.

The camera that the game ships as default causes a lot of people trouble. Switch to one that you like. Go into the options and turn off the camera shake.

This will make it easier for you because the game will feel slower. In green easy races, the opponent cars aren't quite as good as yours. In yellow medium races, the opponent cars are right around the same level as yours.

You can't just look at the car type. A GT with full performance upgrades can compete with and beat a Lambo or Ford GT that has no performance upgrades. The one thing I would add to what Kubmir just said is: 9 Learn your shortcuts. User Info: Glitchwerks. What level of difficulty do you play GRiD at? User Info: Mellerker Yeah I agree and now I can't even pass the red light races and other harder events.

I think somewhere right in the middle, not super hard but definitely not super easy either. Ok thanks Arc and Kubmir. I appreciate all the advice, some of which I was doing but some of which I wasn't. I am used to racing games with traffic NFS4:High Stakes was one of my favorite racing games ever , but this game has a crazy amount of traffic. It looks cool but can be frustrating. Well it's testament to how much I like this game overall that I'm going to keep trying until I get it right.

One thing I'll say is that, once you get it down, this is one of the most rewarding games to beat. I wouldn't say the learning curve is really steep as much as it is really long I found GRiD to be pretty challenging on normal levels, and downright difficult if you notched it up. MC: LA was easy for me. Just my observation. If I lost a race in GRiD, it was another restart.

User Info: bonesplit. Good tips from Kubmir and thanks, Midnight Club and Need for Speed are the two remaining arcade-style games around these days, which is unfortunate.

The race is greatly determined by how much you are colliding into objects, and you are greatly penalized irregardless of the actual race itself. Say you are running a perfect race with the AI so far behind that don't even show up on radar, but at the last turn you screw up, and the AI cars magically accelerated mph to where you crashed.

Have you noticed that you can't switch cars when looking at the replay? Because if they allowed that, it would expose the ridiculous railing going on. You can almost see glimpses of it in replay if you use the back camera. This is a legacy from GTA, when the game designers thought it was funny to screw you as much as possible, because they could not think of any other ways to make the game more challenging.

MC has some crazy race courses, the special skills add a pretty interesting strategic aspect. But I don't think this game values traditional racing strategies, and that's when it frustrates you. What good is the point of the 3-course tournament when all you really need to so is to retry until you memorized the 1st and 2nd courses and screw the 3rd?

MC has been fun, but it is getting to be like Madden; outdated game mechanics dress up in the latest graphics. More topics from this board When you buy a soft top car how do you put the roof down??? Build 9 Answers what needs to be done in order to unlock the audi R8? General 1 Answer What car is the best to start with? Build 5 Answers How do i use the special abilities?

Build 7 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? I love racing games, Dirt and Grid being recent examples but I've been playing racing games since at least Road Rash on the Genesis. And I got to say, this game is one of the hardest and most frustrating games I've ever played. Basically I'm at a point in the game where I just can't beat any of the tournaments I'm supposed to be doing they show up in yellow but I am totally outclassed.

Also I can't buy better vehicles because they're all still locked. I read the beginners guide that is stickied here but losing 10 races in a row doesn't seem to make them any easier, I don't know if the dynamic difficulty does anything.

Please advise on what I may be doing wrong. Thanks in advance. User Info: Mellerker Mellerker 11 years ago 5 Yeah I agree and now I can't even pass the red light races and other harder events. User Info: Kubmir Kubmir 11 years ago 8 One thing I'll say is that, once you get it down, this is one of the most rewarding games to beat.

User Info: Glitchwerks Glitchwerks 11 years ago 9 I think somewhere right in the middle, not super hard but definitely not super easy either. User Info: bonesplit bonesplit 11 years ago 10 Good tips from Kubmir and thanks, Midnight Club and Need for Speed are the two remaining arcade-style games around these days, which is unfortunate. What car is the best to start with?

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