How to fix a broken clutch cable

how to fix a broken clutch cable

How To Ride A Motorcycle With A Broken Clutch Cable

Apr 28,  · How to fix clutch or throttle cables for cheap?On my trip I snapped 3 clutch cables and one throttle cable started to go. Looking at the spare parts catalog. Jan 03,  · Next would be to disconnect the cable from the cover. Inside the cover you can see a snap ring that’s supposed to be removed to get the cable unhooked, but I’ve always found it much easier to take a pair of needle nose pliers, grab hold of the cable end, and tweak it to the right until the cable end comes loose.

Your clutch cable snaps, leaving you without the ability to disengage the clutch. Can you ride the bike hod Of course you can. Note: These instructions are equally applicable whether you have a cable-actuated clutch or a hydraulic one. The lucky thing is, breaking a cljtch cable is a rare occurrence. Clutch cables break by fraying, popping one strand after another over time.

Make inspecting the head and tail of the cable part of your routine pre-ride bike inspection, along with ifx pressures and such. You can also be left unable to pull the cable if you break the lever in a spill. Preventing broken levers is actually simple; versions designed to fold in case of impact are common in the aftermarket or you can make your own by sawing halfway through the lever, three quarters along its length with a hacksaw. Doing so creates a natural stress relief point; the lever will snap there in a crash, leaving you the remaining length to work with.

Long distance, self-supported riders ifx plan on being a long way from mechanical help often duct tape or zip tie spare cables alongside the current ones. Those are a multipurpose get-you-home item, calbe equally well as a shift or brake lever as they do fiix onto the end of a broken cable.

Riding with a broken clutch cable is possible, but by decreasing control over your bike it adds an extra element of risk and complication. The last thing you want is to damage the bike or yourself further. With the bike in neutral, start the engine and get it rolling up to about 5 or 10 mph. A hill helps here, as does a buddy riding alongside, pushing you with an outstretched leg. Again, use 2 nd gear and, when how to delete windows xp mode coast is clear, thumb the start button and give the bike a little gas as it begins to move.

It should fire the engine after a few revolutions broekn you can then accelerate away. This is the easiest part. You probably already know how to upshift without the clutch apply upwards pressure broien the shift lever, close the throttle a bitbut downshifting is nearly as easy. It helps to have the engine spinning low in the rev range, then just apply the normal amount of downward pressure to the shift lever, hold it there, close the cablee a bit and the lower gear will cluttch home.

Downshifting without the clutch can be a jerky affair. Coming up to a stoplight or stopped traffic? Start aa well ahead of time, giving you the opportunity to downshift without the clutch. Try and find neutral before you have to come to a stop, then just coast to a halt modulating your speed with the brakes. Obviously this would be a huge pain if you have to do it every half mile, crossing a city and exposes you to the unpredictability of other traffic at each and every stop.

You can mitigate the hassle somewhat by rolling through stop signs or choosing routes with fewer intersections. Home Features How To. Jan 06, at am ET. By what documents do you need to enter mexico HFL Staff.

Can you ride the bike home without the ability to disengage the clutch? Of course you can but there's no shame in pushing. We break it down into 7 steps.

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Floppy clutch

Jan 06,  · The lucky thing is, breaking a clutch cable is a rare occurrence. Grease yours once a year or so and replace it every 30 or 40, miles (consult your Author: HFL Staff. Sep 12,  · The barrel may be slightly small, but you can shim it if need be. Snip off the non-barrel end of the brake cable. Slide it thru your existing clutch cable sheathing. Where it comes out at the clutch arm, wrap it around the arm and tighten it up with a cable barrel nut. Autozone or most any autoparts places have them in the "HELP' section.

Discussion in ' The Garage ' started by hoserb , Aug 30, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Temparary clutch cable fix? Pulling into my parking spot this morning my clutch cable broke. I've called the local shops, but the closest replacement for my bike 03 ninja is out of state. I can shift without the clutch, but I'd have to wait until midnight for the traffic to calm down. As the break was so close to the end, I have a fair bit of slack on the cable. Is there any way that I could clamp or otherwise affix the cable to the lever for a quick ride home?

AustinJake , Aug 30, OldPete , Aug 30, HenkeForsberg , sieg and Dracula like this. Not the most elegant solution but you can start the bike from a stop while in first gear then shift through the gears by matching the rpms.

Down shifting is a little harder so you can use the kill switch when you come to the next redlight. BTW a cable ordered from Motion Pro online is cheaper than the dealer with the shipping charges. BikePilot , Aug 30, Its not a great sollution, but if you can't fix the clutch you can also bridge the clutch safety switch, then kill the motor when you stop and to take off put the bike in first, thumb the starter and hold the throttle open just a bit. The starter motor will roll you forward, start the bike and you'll be off.

Think of it like a really crude stop-start hybrid cage I've also once ridden with vice grips clamped to the clutch actuator on the case. Don't know whether the ninja's is accessible, but if it is you may be able to operate it directly with vise grips as a lever. I was "clutching" with the back of my right ankle Any method you can rig up to connect the end of that cable to the lever will work -- really depends on what tools you have handy.

You might be able to squash and solder the led bit back on or use a clap-on fishing weight. Often clutch cables meant for other bikes work too -- may be a little long or a little short, but with some fiddling you can usually make most any clutch cable work. Ya buy the kit and use the rear brake cable from the kit. It should be as long or longer than your clutch cable and have a barrel on one end for the lever.

The barrel may be slightly small, but you can shim it if need be. Snip off the non-barrel end of the brake cable. Slide it thru your existing clutch cable sheathing. Where it comes out at the clutch arm, wrap it around the arm and tighten it up with a cable barrel nut. Autozone or most any autoparts places have them in the "HELP' section. Alternately you can use the guts of just about any MC clutch cable you might have laying around.

Same technique. I've used it a few times to keep a functional clutch lever when one breaks. I carry cable barrel nuts in my toolkits. Awesome little gizmos. Hope that helps. JohnE65c and Johann like this. ADV Sponsors. Beezer , Aug 30, JohnE65c likes this. Overnight ship the correct one and be done with it. Mgbgt89 , Aug 30, Are you just trying to get home? I rode my bike home with the cable ran through a bracket in the frame and used my right footpeg as a makeshift clutch lever.

Pulling away from the light, reached down with left hand to put it in first, let the peg fold up to engage the clutch. Lone Rider , Aug 30, Joined: Jan 29, Oddometer: 25, Location: out and about. Do motorcycle shops not carry bulk cable and ferrules any more? It's easy to make a cable to your specs if you can get the bits.

P B G , Aug 30, Wuwei , Aug 31, Speedo66 , Sep 2, I pushed a bike to get it rolling, hopped on, then dropped it into first and went from there. Back off throttle when up shifting, blip the throttle when down shifting to match engine speed to gear speed. Slow down way ahead of time for red lights and crawl up to them until they change, stop signs roll slowly through. Made it home with a broken clutch cable from quite a ways like that without stopping.

Ironforge , Sep 10, Joined: Aug 10, Oddometer: 94 Location: Macedonia. JohnE65c and GreaseMonkey like this. Grider Pirate , Sep 12, I still make my own cables from time to time. Walterxrl , Sep 12, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. No, but I wanna be. My password: Forgot your password?

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