How to get rid of old car batteries

how to get rid of old car batteries

Find a Recycling Location Near You

Car batteries, rechargeable 9-volt batteries and even tiny cell watch batteries can all have toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Its important to know where and how to dispose of lithium batteries and others properly. Tip: Dead batteries are not completely dead and must be stored and thrown away correctly to prevent fires. Recycling a vehicle battery is quick and easy. Do your part to promote sustainability by recycling your used vehicle battery today. Find a recycling location near you by entering your zip code, then simply drop off your used battery at the recycling location near you. Most retailers will grant you a store credit for your used battery.

When a battery in your home dies, do you know the right way to get rid of it? Or even what the most sustainable option is? For instance, you should treat the batteries in your TV remote differently from the rechargeable ones in your laptop or digital camera since they could be both hazardous and illegal to throw away, depending on where you live. Keep reading for more details about the batterids types of household batteries and how to dispose of them. Single-use batteries, of any size, are some of the most common household batteries.

If the battery is not rechargeable, it falls into this category. Yes, single-use batteries are now made of common metals deemed non-hazardous by the federal government and can be disposed what does the word atrocious mean in your regular trash in all states except California, where it is illegal to throw away all types of batteries. Prior tosingle-use batteries contained mercury and were treated as hazardous waste.

One exception is a button cell battery found in a watch, which is hazardous and should be disposed of like a rechargeable battery. Yes, it is possible to recycle single-use batteries, but there is a fee associated with recycling them in most cases. Pro Tip: You can reduce your need for disposing of single-use batteries how to prepare a box for shipping purchasing rechargeable batteries instead.

These can be used more than 1, times and recycled at no cost to you. We [at Battery Solutions] collect, sort and recycle more than how to get rid of old car batteries million pounds of alkaline batteries how to sew dog collars year.

Using our mechanical process to grind the batteries into three different products; a paper, plastic and brass fraction, a ti fraction, and a zinc manganese concentrate. The zinc manganese concentrate is used as a micronutrient in fertilizer what happened to the market grow corn! Rld about versatility! Rechargeable batteries are also common in the home.

No, rechargeable batteries of any kind should not be placed in your trash can or dumpster. It is illegal in some states to do so because gey batteries contain heavy metals that can be hazardous to the environment. Second, most batteries can be recycled, which means potentially valuable material, particularly metals, can be reclaimed from them. Recycling batteries minimizes the need to mine virgin resources. Once you find a way to recycle your old batteries, take a few minutes to prep your batteries for safe kld convenient recycling.

If you are mailing your batteries to a recycling facility, check for any additional safety steps required for shipping. Batteries and any other types of waste that could potentially contribute chemicals to the environment should be handled with care, especially when it abtteries to disposal. If you have other items to get rid of, take how to get rid of old car batteries look at the Reuse and Recycle section of our blog for disposal options before tossing them in your dumpster.

I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. God Bless you man. What are the four classes of fire extinguishers a nice day.

I live in the area of Seguin, Texas I cannot find any place that will take regular akaline batteries to recycle and it is a shame. In this day and time recycling should be a number one priorety!!! Our planet needs it.

It is scary!! I just think it is awful. I have already had a son that had a brain tumor 21 years ago and it was very serious. He was 13 yrs. We live on a farm and try our very best to keep lod things clean. But our whole world is in a lot of trouble if we do not learn to recycle better and not worry about our precious dollar!! We need to worry about our precious humans and animals.!! Skip to content By Meghan Paynter, February 27,original content posted here. Can single-use batteries be thrown in the trash?

Can single-use batteries be recycled? Find a mail-in recycling program that accepts batteries. Most of these programs will sell you a container to store used batteries that can be mailed when filled. Battery Solutions and Call2Recycle both offer options for recycling alkaline batteries in the mail. There are many different kinds of rechargeable batteries: Nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries are found in electronics such as cordless power tools, digital cameras, two-way radios and cordless phones.

Lithium-ion batteries are found in most portable devices such as cellphones and laptops. Small sealed lead acid batteries are less common in homes and are found in emergency devices, emergency exit signs, security systems, mobility scooters and other special-use items.

Can rechargeable batteries be thrown in the trash? Can rechargeable batteries be recycled? Yes, rechargeable batteries can, and should be, recycled, usually at no cost to you. Cra to recycle rechargeable batteries: Home improvement or office supply stores often accept these products for recycling by hosting a drop box from an cqr like Call2Recycle.

Find a drop box to recycle batteries near you. Why Recycle Batteries? Preparing Your Batteries for Recycling Once you find a way to recycle your old batteries, take a few minutes to prep your batteries for safe and convenient recycling. Prepping single-use batteries for recycling: Place a piece of non-conductive clear tape over the ends to prevent any current transfer. You can also bag each battery individually instead of taping the ends. Prepping rechargeable batteries for recycling: Remove batteries from their electronics.

Dead laptops must be recycled separately from dead laptop batteries. This is not how to buy bath towels for small electronics like cellphones or iPods, which can be accepted by most battery recyclers. Cover the terminals with non-conductive tape clear tape.

Recycling a vehicle battery is quick and easy.

Jun 24, In addition, some bring the battery to the store they are buying their new one from. You can also take your battery to a recycling center equipped to receive batteries. One of the most convenient places to bring your battery is to us at Scrap Mart Metals. At Scrap Mart we pay you in return for your old car battery. Once you find a way to recycle your old batteries, take a few minutes to prep your batteries for safe and convenient recycling. Prepping single-use batteries for recycling: Place a piece of non-conductive clear tape over the ends to prevent any current transfer. You can also bag each battery individually instead of taping the ends.

What do you do with old car batteries? Few know how to dispose of standard batteries used in flashlights or remote controls and even fewer have learned how to dispose of old car batteries. Scientific American reported that lead-acid car batteries are the most commonly recycled product in the United States.

You can get paid for used and old car batteries as well as other standard double-A or triple-A batteries. Also, the potential to make some extra cash for car batteries should make you giddy with excitement! Join Pinecone Research Now. So you could actually make a significant profit and a good side job by selling or recycling old car batteries.

The most important part about making a profit from recycling these items is to ensure you have a large enough inventory of used car batteries. Actually, the more batteries you have, the more each one will be worth during the recycling process.

Companies that are eco-friendly are happy to help you recycle your vehicle batteries to help save the environment. Start looking through your home, your garage, and your backyard to find any extra used auto batteries. These places will likely have some old batteries lying around and might be glad to give them to you for free just to get them out of the way. Even though most of these batteries do not contain much hazardous materials, you should consider looking through your state regulations for battery recycling.

You can look through websites or contact ecosystem protection agencies as well as the EPA [United States Environmental Protection Agency], which is a federal agency aimed at keeping the planet safe. Always handle batteries with safety gloves and wear goggles. Join Opinion Outpost Now. You should also be careful not to handle or transport any batteries that appear to be leaking acid, as the fluid can be harmful to you and anything in its path.

Keep reading to learn where to take your car batteries for recycling and make some cash on the side. You can either bring the battery into one of its locations yourself or mail it in, along with your receipt from the original purchase to get your refund.

You can see if your state is one that participates in this law here. The AutoZone battery recycling program is one will gladly take your used vehicle batteries off your hands and dispose of them properly. You can use the store locator on its website to find a location near you.

Call ahead to make sure it participates in the recycling program. Check out your local auto parts stores to see if any are willing to buy those batteries and take them off your hands.

Also, foundries, which are factories that make metal castings, can pay even more for your inventory of old car batteries. You can also check out Craigslist for people who are looking to recycle products such as car batteries. Yard sales can be extremely successful if you take some time to advertise them before and during the sale.

Facebook makes it easy to share about your upcoming sale with your friends and family, and you can even post about it on the Marketplace or in buying and selling groups for your town or neighborhood.

You can also create a Facebook event and invite people you know so they can indicate if they have an interest in it and get reminders from Facebook about the sale. The organization United Battery offers cash rewards for batteries through a program called Cash for Junk Batteries. You can learn more about this by clicking here. You never know who might be interested in purchasing an old battery, even if it has barely any charge left.

The only issue with eBay is that shipping might cost you more than what you get for the battery itself, causing you to lose money. That way, when you create your listing, you can post an accurate shipping cost for people interested in buying your battery. Alternatively, you can list your battery on eBay with a local pickup only option to notify buyers that they must come pick it up from you instead. Some scrap yards might be willing to take your batteries off your hands to turn their parts into scrap metal.

They can then contact you to set up a time and date to meet, if interested, and purchase your battery. Pawn shops will take just about anything off your hands and pay you for it if they think they can turn a profit of some kind. Most Walmart stores that have auto services participate in a battery recycling program for customers. When you bring back your battery to Walmart, you could qualify for a few dollars toward a new battery you purchase at Walmart. Walmart also participates in the core charge program to give customers refunds on the core charges they paid when they purchased their old battery at Walmart.

Just make sure you keep that receipt to show the customer service rep when you bring back your battery. If you have more than pounds of batteries in total, you might be able to sell them to GlobalTech Environmental. You can contact the company to schedule a pickup. Everything You Need to Know. There might be another way that could actually pay more than selling old batteries that no longer work or have little juice left.

You could consider learning how to recondition the batteries yourself, which brings them back to life a little while longer. For successful reconditioning, batteries will need to at least be able to register between 10 and 12 volts. You can learn more about the process of refurbishing batteries here or talk to an experienced mechanic about teaching you the ropes.

Your refurbishing hobby could turn into a business once you become more experienced and efficient with making the batteries work like new again. We hope these suggestions have helped you learn how to properly dispose of and recycle used car batteries for money.

Join Ipsos Now. I have a number of used batteries stocked in my garage which my wife is asking me to throw away already which is why I am looking into how I can get rid of it properly. That should be able to give me something back from these useless batteries as I do have a number of them. I could probably gain enough to bring home some ice cream to the girls.

Thanks for the idea of recycling old car batteries for cash! I am a buyer of old car batteries. I would like to buy more batteries. Not only one or two batteries. Hello, my name is Amy. I have a car battery that was barely even used. I bought it for a vehicle I used to have, thinking that it was a battery issue with the car. Turns out that I didnt even need to buy it! So it was barely even used, since we figured out that it was a different car issue. How much would you be willing to buy it for?

It was a 75 dollar battery. Can you give me a phone number or location here in Fairbanks Alaska where I can bring them to sell them to you. Ihave aproximately 5 to 10 car batteries and motorcycle batteries volt 6 volt.

What are they go for each one. I love what you said about scrap yards being great places to recycle car batteries. Recycling a car battery is a great way to make a quick buck. If I were to recycle my car battery, I would make sure to find the best service to work with. I have 20 small and big old batteries for sale.

I live in wilmington city of California. Whoever wants to buy them, contact me by email or give me your phone number. Your email address will not be published.

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Stack your points and redeem them: Simple! Join Ipsos iSay, one of the few Faithful and Honest survey panels and earn prizes, gift cards and donations. Comments I have a number of used batteries stocked in my garage which my wife is asking me to throw away already which is why I am looking into how I can get rid of it properly. Can you give me the address where to sell the used batteries? Thank you. I have a LOT of used car batteries I need to recycle.

Where are you located? I have 23 batteries to sell some are loader and bull dozer batteries. I have 12 old batteries including rv,car,and truck batteries. I want to sell some used car battery , I live in CA city of San jose. Lenn Thanks!

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