How to get silver shovel

how to get silver shovel

Where can I find Silver shovel?

Jul 19,  · i got silver shovel wat will be next i have / and shovel name is not changing so i guess silver is last one for now. Nov 04,  · After donating at least 15 fossil specimens to the museum, you will be allowed to purchase the Silver Shovel from the second floor of your museum.

The items are the silver axenetslingshotwatering canshoveland fishing rod. They have better attributes than what is a rl in construction original tools, but they are usually not as rare or desirable as the golden tools.

Although it costs the same what year was nelson mandela born the regular fishing rod Bellsit rarely appears in Nook's store.

It is better than the regular fishing rod since it has improved range. It will attract fish that are farther away from the rod. The colors of the fishing rod are also changed. In Animal Crossing: New Leafit is sold in the Museum Shop instead once the player has donated at least 30 fish and built the shop as a public works project. The silver net has a slightly wider rim than the regular netimproving chances to catch bugs. Its rim and the edge of its tip are colored green. Inside his headquarters, Resetti will hand over a silver shovel in an attempt to make the player leave.

It has a green tip instead of a red tip. It occasionally can cause Money Rocks to spurt out ores instead of Bells. In Animal Crossing: City Folkthe silver axe can be obtained by Serena after the player throws a regular axe in the fountain.

The chances of receiving a silver axe are very low. The player can do this once a day. Unlike regular axessilver axes are unbreakable. The silver axe has a green tip.

It is a rare item at the Island Shop. In addition to cutting down trees more quickly, it always leaves a special design in the tree stumps. However, unlike in the previous game, silver axes are breakable, but will last longer than regular axes.

In Animal Crossing: City Folkthe silver watering can is obtained once the player purchases 50 flower seeds from Tom Nook's store. The player receives the silver can from a letter how to get silver shovel thanks the player for purchasing the seeds sent by Posy Farmthe suppliers of Tom Nook 's flower seeds.

The silver can is able to turn wilted red turnips back into their original form as if they had just been planted. It is rimmed green. The silver watering can can be obtained from Leif at the Garden Shop after the player buys 50 flower seeds in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It has a wider watering range, watering five flowers instead of just one. How to clean c drive is rare item at the shop.

It can fire two pellets instead of one in a V-shape. The rubber strips of the silver slingshot are colored blue, and the tip of it is colored green. In Animal Crossing: New Leafit can be obtained once the player has shot down at least 14 balloons in total. After this, the next object likely will be the silver slingshot, held up by two silver balloons.

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Go to the city past 8 p.m. and all the way at the lower right where two cones are usually blocking an area, they will be removed and you'll see a light coming out of the passage, just walk in and. Apr 07,  · The silver shovel is an upgraded version of the regular shovel. The silver shovel is obtained from Resetti in the City on a random day after 8 p.m. Rarely, the traffic cones to the right of the city will be moved aside, and the player will be able to enter Resetti's Headquarters, from where he travels to the towns of other players who haven't saved their games before quitting. If the Player talks . The shovel is consumed when equipped instead of when a chest is successfully discovered, and unequipping it does not reimburse the item. Because of this, it is possible to lose all shovels without actually discovering any chests. Once equipped they must be used or dropped before the player can use their skills. They cannot be returned to.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Where can I find Silver shovel? Or, the place where Resetti gives you the silver Shovel?

User Info: primehunter Where in the city? I can't find him how can i get there User Info: Hulsmans. Top Voted Answer. As far as I know, I'm pretty sure at night past 8PM or so in the city Resetti should have some sort of surveillance center, and you can find it there. After 8pm on a random day mine was Sun , the traffic cones on the street below Katrina's place will be moved. Go in there and talk to Resetti twice and he will give you the silver shovel. User Info: phoenix08er. There are cones to the right side in the city right after you get off the bus.

Sometimes after 8pm they're moved, and so you can get past them. Resetti is in there, and he'll give you the Silver Shovel. User Info: MizuDemyx. Go to the city past 8 p. User Info: jigglesmax. Cones should be moved. User Info: Justin Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. Question Status Where can I find the silver shovel? Answered Silver shovel? Answered Can I get another silver shovel?

Answered Is the silver shovel really this useless? Answered Can more than one player in the same town possess a Silver Shovel? Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password?

Where can I find the silver shovel? Silver shovel? Can I get another silver shovel? Is the silver shovel really this useless? Can more than one player in the same town possess a Silver Shovel?

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