How to make a baby sleeping bag from a pillowcase

how to make a baby sleeping bag from a pillowcase

How to make a babys sleeping bag

Its basically a pillowcase that has a side zipper for opening the blanket, making it easy to place the baby in or take him/her out of the sleeping bag. Newborns like to be wrapped in a warm and cozy blanket, so this will help your baby feel snug and secure while sleeping. Feb 17, Hello everyone!! I'm so excited to be doing my first of many crafts for the baby! I really love how this sleeping bag turned out, and.

Women today celebrate pregnancy like never before. The new attitude of expectant moms is one of cheerful anticipation and pride in their changing bodies. Newborns like to be wrapped in a warm and cozy blanket, so this will help your baby feel snug and secure while sleeping. To clean it, you simply remove the pillow by unzipping the bottom not the baby, silly the pillowcase! Baby sleeping bags like this are sold online, however, shipping is not always available for some locations.

A DIY pillowcase baby sleeping bag is an easy project. You can even finish your first one in around four hours! You what base is found in rna and not dna love it, your baby would too!

Are you an expecting mother? Or perhaps you know someone who is? This pillowcase baby sleeping bag is definitely a great gift idea! Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox.

Thanks to All About Quilts for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here . Pillowcase baby sleeping bag.

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All Tied Up Sleeping Bag Via Subsisting In Suburbia Youtuber HeyKayli also shares a easy no-sew baby sleeping bag pillowcase by cutting the edges of two pieces of fabric, inserting pillow and tie the fringes. The pillow case is somehow a bit thin for cold weather but perfect for Summer. Jul 21, Sleeping bag outer: cut one piece xcm (56x44in), cut one piece x34cm (56?12?in) Sack: 54x72cm (21x28in) Cut the contrast fabric as follows: Sleeping bag lining: cut one piece xcm (56x44in), cut one piece x34cm (56?12?in) Pillowcase front: 30x50cm (12x20in) Pillowcase back: 30x40cm (12x16in). Pillowcase Baby Sleeping BagThis baby Snuggle Bag from Two pillow cases, it is easy to make and easy to wash. Article by Elizabeth. Pillow Nap Mats Baby Nap Mats Nap Pad Easy Baby Blanket Baby Pillows Baby Blankets Baby Crafts Baby Sewing Baby Sleep.

You know that I am a mom of nothing but boys right? Sometimes it can be hard to think of fun things to sew for those little people! We were camping one weekend this past month and the idea to make a kids sleeping bag pattern for you all struck me!

I love how it turned out! You know what I think would be a really sweet idea with these? Grandma could make one for each of her grandkids for when they come to sleep over. Or really just make it anytime for anywhere. I also trimmed off the edges of the fabric so that my sleeping bag is only 34 inches wide.

My sleeping bag fits my 5 year old perfectly. Get your zipper. Lay it about 2 or 3 inches from the top edge of your fabric:. Pin it in place: sorry for a blurry picture. Sew straight down the edge catching both fabrics and the zipper in between. When you are trying to sew around the zipper pull, just move it out of your way. Now, with right sides of your OUTER fabric together, sew the rest of the way down fabric on the side that has the zipper.

Then sew it again through all 4 layers across the bottom and up the other side and turn everything right side out. You should have something that resembles a very flat sleeping bag at this point. I cut 4 pieces because I wanted a double layer. Two pieces go in each size. Now, get down on the floor for thisyou need to get that batting inside each half of the sleeping bag and this might take some wriggling around with your arms all the way in that sleeping bag. Make sure to get the corners of the batting all the way to the bottom corners of the bag.

When you get them there, pin them in place. Then work on smoothing the batting out until it is laying as flat as you can get it. I just do one side of the sleeping bag at a time. Pin it in several places to keep it from moving around.

Now, if you have a walking foot, this would be good time to use it. Draw a couple of lines across your bag going horizontal to the bag. Now sew along those lines to keep the batting in place. This is going to be tricky to maneuver all of that fabric through your machine. Be patient. You can do this. At the top I had some excess batting hanging out.

Then fold the top ends in on themselves and pin in place:. I used 1-inch wide elastic to make 2 loops to slip around this when it is rolled up. I cut them each about 18 inches long or so and then just sewed a straight stitch nice and securely on them and created loops.

They slide on and off of the bag easily and make it easy to store. Picnic Blanket Tutorial:. This is so cute! I am a grandmom of 10 so this would be pricey for me to make one for each. So I thought this would be a really cute birthday or Christmas present.

Thanks for this really, really cute idea. Thank again for sharing this very cute idea! I going to try and get this done. If I can remember I will send you a picture of all the kids sleeping in their sleeping bags. Wouldnt buying zipper off the roll work for this? I believe joannes has this in regular stock. I hate anything I have to special order I am a want it when I want it girl gee must get that from the kids lol.

I definitely would. I Love this idea! I have sooooo much fabric that I could make these for all my little people! I have a lot of fleece I was wondering if that would work instead of 2 layers of batting? I have repaired a lot of coats in a matter of minutes! I made one 2 years ago whipped it out on Christmas Eve. Though I initially did velcro and then replaced that with snaps.

My boy loves it, even though he has since outgrown it. So many fun materials to choose from. What an ambitious project! Kids would love having a sleeping bag especially if they got to choose their own special fabrics. Adorable Bag. Will make great gifts. I would like to tell you about a web-site for zippers and pulls sold by the yard. I love zippers and this is a great resource. What a great project! I can hardly wait to get started. I had an idea regarding the storage loops.

Roll the sleeping bag from the top down and secure with the Velcro strips. I believe it is a Riley Blake brand of fabric. This is absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing. This would be a fabulous little Christmas gift for my 3 year old girl! Thanks again! My great-grand kids! Sounds easy.. Hi there, do you think you could recycle a duvet inner as the batting? How would that work? Has anyone else tried it? Have you got any other funky ideas for recycling duvet inners?

Thanks heaps! Does the zipper need to be like a coat zipper comes apart at the bottom for the child sleeping bag. The bag with the star pattern. I live in Texas with three girls and a big back yard. This will be perfect for a girls night camp-out! I like the summer breeze and the mod studio, but for my friend that is having a baby the giraffe crossing would be very cute. A clover for St. I love the RoundUp! One of my favorite designs!!! Stashed all over my fabric room! I had a hard time navigating through the site.

It was super slow and it kept giving me an error message. I want to see more! There are several other choices that I could easier pick out for different projects.

There are too many to pick just one! I would like to use some of the one inch stripes to make a few maxi skirts. And I love the Little Matryoshkas. Riley Blake: I have to choose just one???!!!!??? How about one Collection? Ok today my favorite is Pepe in Paris.

Or the chevrons. Or maybe Vintage Verona.

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