How to make a mat board for a picture frame

how to make a mat board for a picture frame

How to Cut a Mat Board Yourself

Mat board cutter; Pencil; How to cut a mat board for framing. The first part of the process is to measure a matboard and prepare it for cutting. 1. Consider the size of the artwork. Mark the mat board to the size of your picture frame. For best results, use the existing backing board . Mar 14,  · First, measure the size your mat will be which is typically the size of the glass in the frame, and the size frame you buy 8?10, 11?14, etc. Cut the mat size using your exacto knife. You can score the mat and cut again if that’s easier for you, sometimes the mat boards are thick.

Hello Shabby Chic Cottage readers! Today I want to share with you how to cut your own picture mats. Framing photos and art is one of the most common fdame I do.

What are the common laboratory apparatus is a really easy way to cut your own mats, without expensive mat cutter tools.

All of these can be found at craft or art supply stores. I typically get frames at thrift stores and paint them to the color I want. I used scraps for this project. You can prepare the frames any way you wish.

These were frames I had which I painted white. Sometimes it can be different on the top and sides, but that depends on the piece you are framing. I used masking tape for this. Something with a medium tack works well and you can always switch out the art. You have some art, all cut and matted by you! This blue borad spray painted, it worked well on the mat boards. Lastly, simply put the mats inside your framesecuring them in as the frame allows.

Some have metal pieces you twist or bend down. Making your own art is what do you think about malaysia and easy. If you like what you see, please follow me! Thanks, Jessica! She's usually found with boaard drill in one hand and a cocktail in the other while blogging along the way. She's addicted to coffee, polka dots, rock stars, Instagramand everything aqua.

Is your cutting mat self healing or a glass? My problems stem from where and how. I think I used to have a picture with that same heart mat and frame. Got it at one of those decorating parties that used to be so ro.

I might x have it in storage somewhere! Loribeth — Yes, the frame was gold and yes it was from one of those decorating parties! My mom had one and I found a matching one at a thrift store, can you believe that?

What is the best coffee creamer checked out your blog for instructions on how to make what was described as photo mats made from mzke. Most your instructions describe using actual matt board. Very dissapointed! Thanks for the tutorial for matting frames. I will check with HL, thanks again. What is the thickness of the mat board.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. First up is Jessica. I used a regular exacto knife, found at craft or art supply gor. Cut the mat size using your exacto w. They fit well with these frames because they and the frames were both square.

This is the beauty of this project, maek can cut the mat to any size! As you pictre see above, I needed this mat to be once inch wide on all sides. Once you have the measurement of the width of the mat, measure the size onto the back of your mat.

The lines you mqt will be where you cut the mat out. Cut out your mat using the ruler and exacto being careful not to cut past the lines you have drawn. If you angle the blade it will give you hiw beveled look like a mat cutter would. Cut mats! I painted mine blue for this project. And you are finished! Gina Luker is a writer, photographer and lover of all things quirky. The DIY fireplace mantel ». Comments I always wondered how to do that!! Hi there, Is your cutting mat self healing or a glass?

I never thought about painting them. Thanks for the tip! Thanks for that great tutorial. I love the idea of painting the mat. Hi all, Jenny — My cutting mat is a plastic type material, definitely not glass. Thanks, Danielle. What kind of paint do you use how to measure chainsaw bar for new chain paint your mats?

Usually whatever I have on hand: craft paint, spray paint, whatever color I have that pictture. You are so welcome Bard, I hope it makes it easier for you! I used the standard size, probably the same as you did. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

DIY Photo Mats

May 26,  · In this video I show you how I did a custom frame and mats for some to Make a Picture Frame:"XII" print by Mike Mos. Nov 24,  · First thing you need to do is cut your mat to the size of your frame. If its a new frame, I always use the paper inserts as a tracing guide. These frames are my favorite IKEA Stromby frames. Such a great value at $ each. Just simply trace or measure the size on the back of the mat board, then cut it using your ruler and some sort of cutting datingesk.comon: Bethune Crescent Goderich, ON, N7A 4M3 Canada. Mar 28,  · Beginning with a turquoise mat, add 1/2" foam board on top and end with the addition of a white mat on top of the foam board. Here the image is cut apart, each section mounted on 1/4" foam board, and individual mats cut around each section.

The latest project to get ticked off the list in our pad has been to finally get some art up on the walls in our master bedroom. And you guys? We had those old white dressers as a stand-in, but I found a thrifted dresser that was a better fit and for the space.

More info on that find in a future post! I had hummed and hawed about hanging either just a few really large statement art pieces here or doing a gallery wall.

I ended up going with gallery wall, as we had a lot of smaller frames already on hand. For example — when doing a mixture of art prints and photos, you want to make sure that they are spread out appropriately and not all the photos on one side, or all the black and white things clumped together.

For this particular one, I wanted to do a mixture of art pieces and photographs. Have you guys browsed Minted before? Warning — you will get lost in there for WAY too long. It drives me caaa-razy. Match your whites, dawgs!! So I needed some way of getting all matching mats in a bunch of sizes. Yep, the same stuff you used for your projects in elementary school. The stuff you get from the dollar store. Then, instead of cutting any additional hole for the art piece to sit behind, I just use double-sided tape to stick down my art piece right onto the bristol board itself centered, obviously.

The result? A gallery wall with matching, bright white mats. Here is my DIY abstract canvas. I get compliments on this beauty ALL. Have you guys been hanging any artwork around your house lately? Ever done a gallery wall? Have any tricks and tips to share? Turn on your JavaScript to view content. Free Christmas Art Print Printables ». Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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