How to make a rocket ship out of cardboard

how to make a rocket ship out of cardboard

How to Build a Cardboard Rocket Ship

Set up the saw horses with space enough to cover the length of the cardboard. Put the 1" x 2"s over the saw horses and lay out the cardboard on top of all that. My husband angled the top four panels in towards each other to make the nose for the cardboard box rocket ship. make sure to save the triangular pieces you cut off. Now tape up the top of your rocket ship. Reinforce with painters tape or duct tape. This will end up being stronger than it looks.

The best thing about this cardboard box rocket ship is that we have had it for over a year and a half! This cardboard rocket ship is pretty tough and has withstood very energetic little boys. We love simple STEM projects! Obviously, the first step to building your very own cardboard rocket ship is to actually have a large ouh box.

Our box came courtesy of our brand new outdoor patio set. The delivery guy said he could take the box away. Check out the photos below.

My og husband and son did the work while I watched. Pretend you are an astronaut or simple relax and read a book!

Use this fun cardboard rocket ship as a part of our outer space theme! Check out all our space activities for kids here. The bottom of the box was left sealed. My husband angled the top four panels in towards each other to make the nose for the cardboard box rocket ship.

Now tape up the top of your how to clean car parts ship. Reinforce with painters tape or duct tape. This will end up being stronger than it looks. Every rocket ship needs a door. My husband left a space above the ground and cut out a semi-circle. This actually has held up well! Reinforce all edges that have been cut and tape up any holes that you might find around the cardboard box.

My husband also created a top piece. As you can see in the above let photo, the top is still open. An extra small box may come in handy!

He added 3 dimensional fins which he fashioned from leftover cardboard. One large triangle bent in half and a smaller triangle cut to fit the bottom. All pieces are securely taped to the rocket. Add a porthole on the top as well. Make sship to also reinforce with tape! Give your rocket ship a window to let light in.

This makes a cool cardboard rocket ship as is, but why not spray paint it silver! A quick trip to the local hardware store and a couple of coats of silver spray paint. You also, unlike my husband, hlw want to put down newspaper or drop cloth.

Otherwise enjoy your silver lawn. There you have a what is a monopod used for in photography simple cardboard rocket ship for the kids to enjoy! I wish I had more exact instructions, but I think there is enough here to get you started with your own cardboard box rocket ship. This made for a very fun weekend morning activity. Make sure to save your next huge cardboard box!! Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges?

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Otherwise enjoy your silver lawn There you have a pretty simple cardboard rocket ship for the kids to enjoy! Share Pin 1K. Comments How did you make this? The post gives some basic ideas rovket I do not have step by step instructions. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Jun 04,  · Cut an arched doorway in the back of your cardboard box (make sure that it is big enough for your child to get through). Next, measure and cut out four cardboard triangles – these will become the top of your rocket ship. Aug 27,  · With a single piece of corrugated cardboard from a box you can make this rocket/pencil holder. I show you how to do it and how to form the cardboard into a t.

This is my first project like this But, I had a lot of fun, drank quite a few beers during the week of making this, and my son loves it! NOTE : I didn't create this rocket with the idea to make an instructables how-to. So, some of the steps don't have photos to go along with them. I went to Home Depot over the course of a week asking if they received any fridge deliveries.

You have to be there at the right moment if they do because they break down the boxes almost immediately. On the fourth day, I got lucky and a lady found me a large fridge box! What you need: [Items below are what I use in the creation of the rocket in these photos. Feel free to alter the list below to suite whatever your plans are for making the rocket. It's paper thin. But, that's fine for this project. I decided on a hexagon shape for the rocket, thinking it would be a little bigger feeling on the inside and would give me more area to put on the various control panels and gadgets for the interior.

Also, I thought it would be more stable than a four sided box. As you might can see, I did this in my living room. NOTE: I also asked for a washer box so I would have something underneath the rocket box as not to cut into the hardwood floors! But, I'm sure the garage or driveway would work fine, too. Making these next few steps is hell, just to be honest.

However, it'll be worth it when it comes to stability. You're going to make equilateral triangles for each panel. Take the width, divide by half and draw a vertical line to the top of the box. Then take the width measurement and draws lines to make a triangle so that B, and C are the same length as A. Draw four equi-distant lines across where you drew the lines to outline the roof triangles. This will give you the tabs and the tab slot cut-out lines. To insure you don't F this part up like I almost did , mark and " X " on the cardboard you will be cutting away so you DON'T cut off a tab.

You can look at the photo above and see how I left two tabs in the middle of the triangles. Adjacent to the tabs on the other side of the triangles, draw two short, thick lines for the tab slot cut-out lines.

Notice the tab receiving holes green from the previous step. Note to Self: Make them a little wider than the tab thickness. It's a pain in the ass to try to re-cut the hole larger, only trimming bit of cardboard that sucked. This is where I test fitted everything. I did get my wife to help me hold the cardboard while I inserted all the tabs. That is, after I struggled for 20 minutes, and drank two beers, that I asked for her help.

LOL Remember that you needed to cut the insert holes wider? This is when I figured that out. Now, take it outside. Oh yeah, this thing is like moving a dead body - not that I would know anything about that. Set up the saw horses with space enough to cover the length of the cardboard.

Put the 1" x 2"s over the saw horses and lay out the cardboard on top of all that. Interior I cut "cockpit panels" from the corners of some other boxes, keeping the preformed box corner intact.

That 'preformed box corner' fold was made on a machine and is aligned straight - a lot better than I could do bending the cardboard by hand. See the last 2 images for examples. Paint all the cockpit panel pieces silver or metallic black or both. Paint the egg cartons with several layers of paint. Now they begin to look like buttons or knobs panels.

Cover one panel at a time, including the roof triangle, with spray adhesive. Then, roll out the foil to cover the panel and triangle. Rub your hand over the foil to ensure adhesion. Repeat until it's covered. Take the box cutter and cut out the window holes and outline of the door. Let it dry in the sun a while.

Drink a couple of beers I mean, you ARE working outside I put tape on each tab inside the roof. Tape the 'floor' overlaps on the inside and outside. I put tape on the vertical panel opening, inside and out.

I also added tape on each panel intersection and bottom of the roof line. I thought it would look cool and and add more strength to the vessel. I Googled for 'rocket control panel' and looked for images that I liked, colored them up some in Paint. I had to pay homage to Mike Okuda. So, I did print a mock-up of an Enterprise D control panel. I found other Star Trek stuff I liked, too. I found a website that would replace the NASA wording with any text you want.

I glued a printout of earth right above the main control panel. I told him he can always look up and find home. Spray adhesive on one the part of each of the panels and put on the control panel stuff you printed see photos.

Let dry. Plug in the hot glue gun. This was only the second time I'd ever used on of these - the glue WILL burn the hell out of you if it gets on your fingers. When the glue was hot, I held a panel to the inside at the bottom of the main window see photos.

Then hot glued the top and bottom of each panel I put in. I also added a couple at the top of the interior. Hot glue the egg cartons to the inside. I glued labels all around the inside and outside. When my son is playing with his buddies, he'll turn it to the lights to the 'flashing' mode and pretend they are under attack or in a meteor storm or just make loud booming noises.

After playing with my son in the rocket ship, it got HOT in there! So, I cut some vent holes along the bottom of each panel. Makes a big difference! The foil will tear and sometimes come off after the kids go crazy in it. No biggie. Just glue it back on. This project continues to grow. Always seems there's something new we're adding. The "boosters" on the outside are new. Plastic water bottles, spray painted, with felt "fire.

Question 1 year ago. I am going to make one like this for our Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet in two weeks! I LOVE it! I am going to make ours a little taller and maybe add some fins on the outside Please post any other projects you have created! The flags are a nice touch but one nations flag should not be higher than another nations, it shows the lower flags nation is subservient.

Introduction: Homemade Cardboard Rocket Ship. By wwian Follow. About: Beginner Woodworker More About wwian ». You can do this! Let's begin! Roof tabs and tab slots are what holds the roof together and are the most difficult to make.

NOW you can begin cutting, and cutting, and cutting. As in assemble, not assembly code. Apply the aluminum foil Cover one panel at a time, including the roof triangle, with spray adhesive.

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