How to read a machinist scale

how to read a machinist scale

E-Z Read Machinist Scale

How to Read a Machinist Ruler Step 1. Place your machinist ruler into position next to whatever it is that you need to measure. If you are not able to Step 2. Check to make sure that the measuring system that you wish to use is closest to the item that you wish to Step 3. Read the measurement. Terms in this set () 1/16 = 1/ 3/ 1/ 5/ 3/ 7/ 1/

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If the right end of the bubble is on the first short mark, to the right side mmachinist level, the level is. If the right end of the bubble is on the second short mark, to the right of level, the level is 0. Starrett makes a more accurate and more expensive level that has an accuracy of 0. There should be information on the accuracy and graduations for your level, in the box the level is stored in. If the bubble is to the right of center, place a 0.

If the bubble moves to the first graduated mark, the level has an accuracy of 0. If you have to add 0. Trending News. Queen Elizabeth's loving gesture to her late husband. Top NFL prospect clears up comments about motivation. Experts explain. UFC co-main event nixed after bizarre shoving sczle. Spring scae draws largest sports crowd in pandemic.

Homebuyers are 'depressed for good reason': Corcoran. Machinkst Middleton pays stylish tribute to queen, Diana. Why police can stop drivers with air fresheners. Answer Save. Ben Lv 7. There are several brands and lengths and accuracies of precision machinist levels available. I how to choose hair dryer a Starrett No. The accuracy is 0. The graduation marks represent 0. There are six short graduated marks on each side of center on the scxle vial.

There is one longer mark centered between the six shorter marks. If the end of the bubble is on the long mark, the level is level. If the macninist end of the bubble is on the first short mark, to the right side of level, the level jow 0.

And so on. If that information is not there, you can do a bench test using shim stock. You will need shim stock sizes: 0. The bench will not be level. Place your level on the work surface, orientated left to right. Observe the bubble position. Keep adding shims until the level reads level. Reverse this process if the bubble is to the left of center.

S you have rdad level leveled, add one 0. As an example, using my level, I place it on the bed of a Mill. The Mill bed is five feet long. The right end of my bubble is in the first graduated mark past level.

That means the the bed is 0. Maachinist mill bed is high on the right end. If you need more help, click my Avatar, go to my Activity Page and email me. Open your email option on your Activity Page, you need to be able to communicate with what to pack for a ski vacation. This Site Might Help You. RE: procedure on how to read precision machinist level?

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Jun 22,  · Place your level on the work surface, orientated left to right. Observe the bubble position. If the bubble is to the right of center, place a " shim under the right end of the level. Keep. The E-Z Read machinist scale from Brown Aviation Tool Supply is the slickest little ruler I have seen. What makes it so neat is the white on black color motif; The increased contrast really makes checking dimensions easier for eyes that have been rattled by the rivet gun for an hour or two too long. The markings appear to be etched onto the rule and are very sharp and highly defined. The premier source of tooling, parts, and accessories for bench top machinists. Using a Steel Rule The steel rule is a basic measuring tool. When used correctly, a good steel rule is a surprisingly accurate measuring device. What is a steel rule? Some people confuse rules and scales. A scale is a .

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Naming decimal places in the shop. Thread starter jwalkerwade Start date Aug 20, Joined Aug 17, Messages 4. This feels like a stupid question, but I don't care. Im new in this field of work so bare with me! Can someone explain the proper way of naming decimals. Like, other than the obvious: "point ". Are they different in a machine shop than in a math class? Im pretty much just confirming this for an old-timer stuck in his ways lol.

I need help explaining this to him. If you could name a few for me I would greatly appreciate it! Joined Mar 1, Messages 1, The main thing to remember is Thats all you need to know See foot in mouth!! I wonder why they teach us in school that.

Oh well, understood Ray C Registered Registered. Joined Nov 16, Messages 5, It was a good question. Ray jwalkerwade said:. Click to expand So it goes. Joined Apr 8, Messages 1, Last edited: Aug 20, Joined Aug 5, Messages 1, Now the whole thing is different in the rest of the world you know the countries that are not one of the 3 holdouts that still use the English system, yes, I live in one of those countries Maybe someone who works in metric will describe the terminology there I'm a bit curious now.

Yes, different terminology in different areas. The "micron" for example means a few different things In any event, it's a small amount and all visible light have wavelengths in this range actually it's around to micrometers.

Single digit micrometer "light" is not visible to humans and is actually in the low end of ultra-violet which is only visible to honey bees and other insects. If you've ever milled a piece of metal and can see rainbow colors coming off the reflection, the individual grooves in the metal which cause that effect are on the order of that amount of distance.

FWIW, I have a measuring device that can measure down in that range and this is what it looks like As a practical matter, this will never be used to make such critical measurements but, if I were in the business of making Grade A gauge blocks, it would be useful. FWIW, these units cost many thousands of dollars and I happen to see this one at a price I couldn't pass up The granite block it's sitting on pales in comparison to it's level of accuracy.

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