How to search internet explorer history

how to search internet explorer history

Internet Explorer 11 privacy statement

Oct 28,  · In Internet Explorer 7 and 8, the Favorites button is located on the left side of the Bookmarks Bar. If you're using a Windows 8 tablet with the Modern version of Internet Explorer 11, you'll need to open Internet Explorer in Desktop mode to view the history. Internet Explorer (formerly Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Internet Explorer, commonly abbreviated IE or MSIE) is a series of graphical web browsers developed by Microsoft and included as part of the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, starting in The first version of Internet Explorer, (at that time named Microsoft Internet Explorer, later referred to as Internet.

Last Updated: March 16, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors t researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been hitsorytimes. Learn more There are several ways to delete your browsing history from Internet Explorer and the Internet Explorer mobile app. You can even delete specific wearch or pages from your browsing history. Depending go the version of Internet Explorer you're using, you can delete your desktop's browsing hhow from either the "Safety" menu or from "Internet Options.

Open Internet Explorer. Click the menu. Select History. Click Delete. Click OK. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Open the Internet Explorer app. Tap the app from your home screen or App list and launch it as you would to surf the Internet. Access your "Settings. Then tap "Settings" on the menu that appears. If using a mouse, point your cursor at the lower, righthand corner of the screen and then select "Settings" from the menu that appears.

Go to your "History. Delete your browsing history. First, place a check in the box next to "Browsing history. This will delete a record of the sites you've visited. Method 2 of Click the Internet Explorer icon to launch the program.

Access the Tools menu. You'll find this located in the upper, righthand corner of the screen and it will look like a gear icon. Click it to access the Tools menu. Begin deleting your browsing history.

After clicking "Tools," select the "Safety" button. Click "Delete browsing history. Select the data you wish to delete. In order to delete your browsing history, be sure to check the box next to "Browsing history" or simply "History". Note how to go to kefalonia greece you may also remove stored data including cached images and temporary Internet files, cookies, download history, saved form data, saved passwords"Tracking Protection, ActiveX Filtering, and Do Not Track data," and favorites.

Ti Internet Explorer 8 and later editions, you'll see the option to "Preserve Favorites website data. Method 3 of Access "Internet Options. You can also access "Internet Options" from the "Control Panel.

Go to the "General" tab. Find this in the "Internet Options" menu. This will be the first tab on the lefthand side. Click the "Delete. You'll find it under the "Browsing history" section of the "General" tab. Simply check the categories of data you want removed. Note that you may also remove stored data including cached images and temporary Internet files, cookies, hiztory history, saved form data, saved passwords, "Tracking Protection, ActiveX Filtering, and Do Not Track data," and favorites.

Beginning with Internet Explorer 8, you'll see the option to "Preserve Favorites website data. Click "Delete. Method 4 of Access your "Favorites. This is the icon that looks like a star. Choose how you wish to view your "History. Delete specific sites from your browsing history. Click and hold on any site that's listed and simply select "Delete" from the menu that appears. You can also right-click on any site and select "Delete" from the menu.

Then tap the "More" button three periods " Next, tap explordr and finally tap the "Delete History" button. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 2. Note the added method explroer mobile devices. You'll begin by opening Internet Explorer and then swiping internte from the righthand edge of your screen. Then tap "Settings. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. Include your how to tell what version of vmware you are running address to get a message when this question is answered.

Explroer Explorer is hiwtory replaced with Microsoft Edge beginning with the Windows 10 operating system. Helpful wearch Not Helpful 0. When using Internet Explorer 11, you may opt to have your browsing history internst deleted. Access "Internet Options" and then select the "General" tab.

Then place a check in the box next to "Delete browsing history on exit. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. To remove additional files associated with browser usage saved images and copied webpages in Internet Explorer 11, access "Internet Options," select the "Advanced" tab and then place a check intrenet the box next to "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed.

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Web browsing features that store data

In Internet Explorer, select the Favorites button. Select the History tab, and choose how you want to view your history by selecting a filter from the menu. To delete specific sites, right-click a site from any of these lists and then select Delete. Mar 16,  · There are several ways to delete your browsing history from Internet Explorer and the Internet Explorer mobile app. You can even delete specific sites or pages from your browsing history. Windows 10 users may still located Internet Explorer by performing a query for "Internet Explorer" in the Cortana/Search box. Thanks! Helpful 0. Jun 02,  · Internet Explorer shortcut keys. Internet Explorer browser tips. Microsoft company and contact information. Top Internet Explorer questions and answers. How do I view my Internet browser's history? How do I clear my Internet browser history? How do I set my browser to Incognito or private mode? How to change my browser's homepage.

The first version of Internet Explorer , at that time named Microsoft Internet Explorer , later referred to as Internet Explorer 1 made its debut on August 17, It was first released as part of the add-on package Plus! Later versions were available as free downloads, or in service packs , and included in the OEM service releases of Windows 95 and later versions of Windows.

It remains in development alongside the desktop versions. Since its first release, Microsoft has added features and technologies such as basic table display in version 1.

The browser has also received scrutiny throughout its development for use of third-party technology such as the source code of Spyglass Mosaic , used without royalty in early versions and security and privacy vulnerabilities , and both the United States and the European Union have alleged that integration of Internet Explorer with Windows has been to the detriment of other browsers.

The latest stable release has an interface allowing for use as both a desktop application, and as a Windows 8 application. IE versions, over time, have had widely varying OS compatibility, ranging from being available for many platforms and several versions of Windows to only a few versions of Windows. Many versions of IE had some support for an older OS but stopped getting updates.

The increased growth of the Internet in the s and s means that current browsers with small market shares have more total users than the entire market early on. Internet Explorer 5. Microsoft Internet Explorer 1. It was a reworked version of Spyglass Mosaic which Microsoft had licensed, [3] [4] like many other companies initiating browser development, from Spyglass Inc. Although not included, this software can also be installed on the original release of Windows Microsoft Internet Explorer that is version 1.

However, archived versions of the software can be found on various websites. Microsoft Internet Explorer came with an install routine replacing a manual installation required by many of the existing web browsers. Version 2 was also the first release for Windows 3. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 was released on August 13, and went on to be much more popular than its predecessors. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 was the first major browser with CSS support, although this support was only partial.

Version 3 proved to be the first more popular version of Internet Explorer, bringing with it increased scrutiny. In the months following its release, a number of security and privacy vulnerabilities were found by researchers and hackers. This version of Internet Explorer was the first to have the 'blue e' logo. Backwards compatibility was handled by allowing users who upgraded to IE3 to still use the previous version, because the installation renamed the old version incorporating the old version number and stored it in the same directory.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 , released in September , deepened the level of integration between the web browser and the underlying operating system.

Installing version 4 on Windows 95 or Windows NT 4. The integration with Windows, however, was subject to numerous packaging criticisms see United States v. This option was no longer available with the installers for later versions of Internet Explorer, but was not removed from the system if already installed. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 introduced support for Group Policy , allowing companies to configure and lock down many aspects of the browser's configuration as well as support for offline browsing.

This version was also included with Windows New features that allowed users to save and retrieve posts in comment forms were added, but they are not used today. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. It also offered a dramatic stability improvement over prior versions, particularly the 68k version, which was especially prone to freezing.

IE5 was bundled with Outlook Express 5. Also, with the release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. It was the last with a bit version. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. Version 5. Internet Explorer 6. In , the Gopher protocol was disabled, and support for it was dropped in Internet Explorer 7.

Internet Explorer 6 updated the original 'blue e' logo to a lighter blue and more 3D look. Some corporate IT users have not upgraded despite this, in part because some still use Windows , which will not run Internet Explorer 7 or above.

Windows Internet Explorer 7 was released on October 18, It includes bug fixes, enhancements to its support for web standards, tabbed browsing with tab preview and management, a multiple-engine search box, a web feeds reader, Internationalized Domain Name support IDN , Extended Validation Certificate support, and an anti-phishing filter.

The original release of Internet Explorer 7 required the computer to pass a Windows Genuine Advantage validation check prior to installing, but on October 5, , Microsoft removed this requirement.

As some statistics show, by mid, Internet Explorer 7 market share exceeded that of Internet Explorer 6 in a number of regions. Windows Internet Explorer 8 was released on March 19, Effective January 12, , Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported on any client or server version of Windows, due to new policies specifying that only the newest version of IE available for a supported version of Windows will be supported. Windows Internet Explorer 9 was released on March 14, Leading up to the release of the final browser, Microsoft released updated platform previews, each featuring improved JavaScript compiling bit version , improved scores on the Acid3 test , as well as additional HTML5 standards support, approximately every six weeks.

Ultimately, eight platform previews were released. The first public beta was released at a special event in San Francisco, which was themed around "the beauty of the web". The release candidate was released on February 10, , and featured improved performance, refinements to the UI, and further standards support.

The bit version has faster JavaScript performance, this being due to a new JavaScript engine called "Chakra". Internet Explorer was to be omitted from Windows 7 and Windows Server R2 in Europe, but Microsoft ultimately included it, with a browser option screen allowing users to select any of several web browsers including Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is now available on Xbox with Kinect support, as of October Windows Internet Explorer 10 became generally available on October 26, , alongside Windows 8 and Windows Server , but is by now supported on Windows Server , while Windows Server R2 only supports Internet Explorer It became available for Windows 7 on February 26, At the show, it was said that Internet Explorer 10 was about three weeks in development.

Internet Explorer 11 is featured in a Windows 8. It includes an incomplete mechanism for syncing tabs. Internet Explorer 11 was made available for Windows 7 users to download on November 7, , with Automatic Updates in the following weeks. Internet Explorer 11's user agent string now identifies the agent as " Trident " the underlying layout engine instead of "MSIE". It also announces compatibility with Gecko the layout engine of Firefox.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Internet Explorer Mobile. Main article: Internet Explorer 2. Main article: Internet Explorer 3. Main article: Internet Explorer 4. Main article: Internet Explorer 5. Main article: Internet Explorer 6.

Main article: Internet Explorer 7. Main article: Internet Explorer 8. Main article: Internet Explorer 9. Main article: Internet Explorer Main article: History of Internet Explorer. Support for Internet Explorer 7 on this operating system ended on April 12, On January 31, , these operating systems were migrated to Internet Explorer 11 and Internet Explorer 10 support ended.

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Retrieved March 26, IE3 also scans for Netscape bookmarks and converts them to IE3 favorites.

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