What can you buy with 100 rupees

what can you buy with 100 rupees

What Can $100 Buy in India?

Sep 19,  · Besides the mainstream pani puri, vada pav, dosa and other similar chowpatti snacks, there’s a lot your hundred rupee note has to offer. So, girls and boys, turn your frowns upside down and check out these items that one can get right under hundred. A Paithani sari is another high-quality type of sari with real gold and silver threads which can start at 10, rupees ($). For $, you can NOT buy an authentic Kashmiri pashmina shawl. Cashmere is not cheap and will cost $ to $ for real cashmere. If you find one for less, it is fake. You can buy high-quality tailormade clothing.

Pages Home About Contact. April 12, The value of a rupees By Hamza. I am supposed to be studying for my final examination right now which will start in two days time. But as it always happens on occasions like these, I have something to talk and blog about. The value of a rupees. What do a rupees mean to me? And what do how to find time complexity of a program in c mean to the millions of other Pakistanis around me?

It is an important question. One which has the potential of defining the unbelievably harrowing disparity that exists between the social classes within Pakistan. The what can you buy with 100 rupees Pakistanis But to start of, I need to give credit where it is due. I only thought up of this question after watching a documentary about the economic divide existent within our communities.

And yes, this documentary was broadcast on Geo TV which will disappoint some of the Pakistani populace who believe that Geo TV is a project by the Antichrist to rid the world of Pakistan. But getting back to the value of rupees. In the last 5 years the value of a rupees has fallen tremendously as was evident from the various answers that people belonging to various classes gave.

For the poor lady on the side of the road with her near comatose kid, a thousand rupees meant medicine, food and milk for her young, sick child. For the stud with the Ray Ban glasses, a thousand rupees meant rupees worth of fuel and rupees worth of phone credit.

And the rich Pakistanis For the lady getting out of the Honda Civic, a rupees how to create a training certification program a new lawn suit, while for the old baba with his back bent, hands scorched due to the ruthless sun and sadness etched into every single line on his face a thousand rupees meant 7 days of two time a day meals for his family of six. The rapidly falling value of the rupee is causing a lot of economic hardships.

Do I blame the stud with the Ray Ban for his answer? Do I blame the lady who wants to buy the lawn suit? I don't because the simple fact of the matter is that things have gotten dearer and they continue to do so by the day. The indirect taxes that are levied on the back of this poor nation make this all the more harrowing because now it just isn't possible to get what you want, or what you could've gotten 5 years ago in rupees.

But it does prove the point that I set out to make from the start. The rich and poor divide is now going to the extremes. If adequate attention is not shed by the government on this emerging phenomenon, this situation could truly get out of control.

A rupees may not matter much to you because its value is too petty; but a rupees is still the dream of many millions of Pakistanis.

What Are the Rent Prices in India?

There are two answers to the question. 1. If you only spend it - i.e. using Cost of Living statistics for surviving on it 2. If you want to start a life with Rs. For the first case, considering you have some basic amenities like a house (or a. Feb 19,  · Rs. is about the same as US $ A luxury western-style hotel is about Rs a night. You can get a basic private room in a youth hostel for about Rs. a night. For food, Rs will get you a good cheap meal. Apr 12,  · But getting back to the value of rupees. In the last 5 years the value of a rupees has fallen tremendously as was evident from the various answers that people belonging to various classes gave. For the poor lady on the side of the road with her near comatose kid, a thousand rupees meant medicine, food and milk for her young, sick child.

You want to have a good time for under Rs Go to a coffee shop you can also take a book with you. Just delay the order as long as you can. You can also spend time by observing people and listening their masala news and gossips. Delay in asking for bill settlement. If you are a fan of movies and getting bored at home and want to have a good time pass with just bucks in your pocket, then there are many theatres in every city showing cheap B grade movies.

Are you fond of drinking and in the mood to party with friends and having just bucks in your pocket? Just be careful while buying desi and go a cheap good desi liquior shop and get drunk to the heights and have fun.

Street side vendors really have great and cheap deals to offer you if you have a budget of just rupees. If you are good at shopping from street vendors and with a little salt of luck you can find a piece of gem in the pile of embezzled goods.

Going out with just bucks in your pocket and planning to move around languid and dilatory in the air conditioned malls than window shopping is the very best thing you can do but without falling into temptations. For more fun and enjoyment without buying anything you may try out different outfits in shops. With bucks in your pocket, then also you can plan a family outing.

You can take your family to the park, take your own bed sheet from home and find a nice spot in the shade and take cheap snacks which are easily available in less than bucks. If you want to spend time alone than just even a book is also a good option. The Museum is one of the best places you can visit with bucks in your pocket. If you are a nature loving person and looking to spend a long amount of time in ambience with a small amount of money in your pocket, then Zoos are a best place to visit with a minimum entry fee.

The Zoo is the best place to enjoy some quality time and capture some amazing moments. If you just have rupees with you with those rupees you can help those children by offering them a one time meal from a street and at the same time you are doing one of the noblest works and making a child happy. With just rupees you can entertain yourself with spicy and delicious Street food which you can find in every city.

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