What is murano glass jewelry

what is murano glass jewelry

Murano Glass Gifts

The Murano Store stocks a wide variety of exclusive Murano glass jewelry from Italy. You can opt for a scintillating variety of jewellery, including Murano glass rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, men's cufflinks, watches or brooches. All of the precious jewellery items sold in the Murano Store have been crafted using the glassmaking techniques that have made the Venetian island of Phone: The concept of Murano glass jewelry begins with melting and shaping glass for a specific look. This is combined with the adding and refining colors that can be added into any look. This creates a unique and defined style for any occasion, as well as the ability to add in extra flair with your accessories from the components that are added into the mixture of your outfit.

View the Collection. The Beauty of Murano Glass Murano glass objects are objects of high monetary and artistic value. In the island of Murano glass artists since centuries are pushing the boundaries of traditional glass making with the most daring and innovative ideas of contemporary creation.

The transparency of the glass allows the incorporation of light itself as a sculptural element. Glass reflects and refracts light, accepts and transforms it by changing its color and intensity and transmitting it from one surface to another. Glass objects allow the artist to work visually with light, form and material. Unless they are broken or re-melted, glass objects last forever: they do not glaxs, rot, decay or decompose.

As such glass objects of famous artists do not only preserve but increase their value over time. When people talk about Italian art glass or Venetian art glass, they are usually referring to the sculptures, vases, chandeliers and decorative glass objects made in the island of Murano, Italy. Murano is a small island in the lagoon of Venice, where the art of glassmaking has more than years of tradition.

Only glass design objects made in Murano can be marketed as original Murano glass. Ylass believe that there is place for art and beauty in our life. We challenge the status quo by making unique handmade glass artworks available to buy online. As such, give you the possibility to have a little piece of Venice, its secrets, charms and beauty in your home. Italian glass design objects are world-wide well known and highly sought after. From qhat pieces to small surprises how to draw stencil faces can find one-of-a-kind gifts.

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Menu Item Picasso Heads. Menu Item Vases. Menu Item Dining Table. Menu Item Water Glasses. Menu Item Necklace. Murano Glass Whta in Italy. How much to replace brake master cylinder with confidence! Shop by Categories. Figurines Gorgeous Whzt View the Collection. Chalcedony Glass Colourful glass sculptures View the Collection.

Animals A piece of Nature View the Collection. Blass is Murano Glass? Subscribe Now. Featured Blogs. Glaxs Glass Store, where to look for it? Read More. Since centuries people from all over the world tried to steal the ancient art of Murano glass blowing with less success.

The art of making Murano glass is deeply woven into the families of glass When someone talks about Italian chandelier style or Venetian chandelier style, the person usually refers to glass chandeliers made in the island of Murano, Italy.

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What is Murano glass jewelry? Murano, Italy, is a commercial port located off the shore of Venice. During the 10th century, artisans in Italy were becoming well-known for their glassmaking. By the end of the 13th century, the Venetian Republic, out of fear of fire, moved glassmakers out of Venice and onto the island of Murano. Murano Glass Jewelry. All of our Murano glass jewelry is handmade on the shimmering Venetian isle of Murano. From luxuriously long necklaces and stylish charm bracelets, to adjustable rings and clip-on earrings, our glass masters of Murano lampwork richly colored molten glass into a wide variety of designs. Some pieces even feature gold foil, silver foil, or sparkling aventurine infusions for a classic . To resolve any misunderstanding it is important to know what Murano Glass is. Murano Glass is glassware made by hand on Murano island in Venice, Italy, according to very specific ancient techniques and recipes that have been passed from generation to generation of Murano master-glassmakers/5(K).

How can you tell real Murano Glass? It has special features like rich colors and uneven shapes. Here are the five tips to tell original Murano Glass. Recognize real Murano works easily with the help from Glass Of Venice Ч the globally recognized expert in authentic Murano Glass. When Murano artisans make glassware, they use various minerals to give color to the glass mass.

As the glass mass gets heated, the minerals melt and give transparent glass specific colors, such as blue from cobalt or red from gold, green from iron, or pink from manganese. Often the colors get layered on top of each other in a special technique called Sommerso. In addition, the masters often use thin sheets of gold or silver that get added to the glass mass and create a layer of gold or silver sparkles inside the glass.

In a special demonstration of mastery, the artisan may create glassware that looks like a bright quilt of mosaic-like pieces, the ancient Roman technique known as Millefiori or Murrina. When masters create Murano Glass by hand, they do not use exact measurements or machines to create perfect shapes or perfect polish. Therefore, most Murano Glass pieces may come out slightly asymmetrical, with bottoms that have somewhat rough pontil marks where the glass piece was taken off the stick, and sometimes there would be bubbles captured inside the glass.

Two items of the same model may vary in terms of shape, size, color shade, or pattern. This is the result of a very manual ancient process, where only basic tools are used and where the masters take pride in following the techniques and traditions of their fathers and grandfathers, with no modern technology or conveyor belts.

If you see the Murano Glass Consortium sign on the piece with a QR code, like the one on the photo of the bowl below, the piece is authentic.

If you see the name of the factory on the label, research where they are located. If they are outside of Venice and Murano, they are not selling authentic Murano Glass. If a store, whether physical or online, sells large gorgeous colorful vases, sculptures, and recognizable expensive typically Venetian pieces such as gondolas, lovers, Moores, clowns, Goldonian ladies and gentlemen, Millefiori glassware, as well as elaborate Venetian chandeliers, most likely this store carries genuine Murano Glass from a number of highly skilled masters and factories.

Ask them about the piece, its technique, and the glass-making process, and question them about Murano and Venice. If the store is open about its procurance process and can answer all your questions in an open and friendly manner and give you as much information on their pieces and process, they are most likely selling real original Murano Glass.

Next time you are shopping for authentic Murano Glass online and want to make sure you buy an original Murano Glass work of art hand-made in Murano, Italy shop with us at www.

We are an official original Murano Glass importer and seller and have been in business since Our customers love us and keep coming back for more hand-made Venetian Glass creations. Read our customer reviews and try us out. We promise you will be satisfied. Happy shopping! The short answer is Murano Glass cannot be made in China. It can only be made in Venice, Italy using specific methods and techniques used by Murano Glass artisans for over a thousand years.

Online marketplaces feature thousands of unscrupulous sellers who peddle various non-Murano glass pieces as Murano, or call them Murano-style to avoid potential liability.

Many of such pieces are in fact made in China and have nothing to do with authentic Murano Glass. Be careful shopping for Murano Glass online or in-person, and peruse our exclusive comprehensive guide on how to recognize authentic Murano Glass and avoid fakes.

If you want to buy Murano Glass in Venice, you need to understand several key things: how and where Murano Glass is made and what it looks like, where to find genuine Murano Glass, how to pay the right price, and how to bring your purchase safely back home. How Murano Glass is made. There are many different methods and techniques of making Murano Glass, some ancient and some modern, some used to make very light and delicate pieces, others used to create large and heavy imposing objects.

Mosaic-like designs are crafted using the Millefiori technique, milky opaque designs are achieved with Lattimo technique, regular bubble patterns crafted with Bullicante technique, just to name a few. You need to become familiar with all the main techniques and the resulting designs to understand the important information that the appearance of Murano glass pieces can relay to you. Where Murano Glass is made.

These days the production spilled over into Venice proper. While the official Murano Glass consortium refuses to acknowledge any glassmakers who do not physically have an office on Murano, those based in Venice are really every bit as genuine and legitimate as the ones based on Murano, and their glass-blowing methods and techniques are exactly the same. It is important to remember that Murano Glass is not made outside of Venice, even if elsewhere in Italy, and that few if any, masters of non-Venetian origin are involved in this craft.

Where to buy genuine Murano Glass. If you familiarized yourself with Murano glass-making methods and designs, and have checked out enough stores or at least store windows on Murano Island and in Venice, you will probably know well enough what to expect and what to look for. Of course, any place that has suspiciously low prices should be avoided. Your best bets are stores that carry many different styles and types of items, feature sophisticated store designs, have knowledgeable staff, and sell pieces that have stickers, signatures, and authenticity certificates.

If you are not sure, or you feel like the prices charged by legitimate stores in Venice or on Murano are too high, do not rush into a purchase.

You may want to shop online instead, where it is easy to find reputable sellers, and where Murano Glass prices are often lower than in Venice. Online Murano Glass shops do not need to pay for real estate, buy flood insurance, and have many full-time salespeople, which makes the prices lower. The selection of Venetian Glass online is often much bigger than in any one store in Venice. Online stores like GlassOfVenice.

If you do decide to buy in a physical store in Venice or Murano, always try to talk to the salesperson or store owner before making a purchase and find out as much as you can about the artisans he works with, his experience with Murano Glass, his thoughts on the current state of Venice and Murano Glass industry, and his local knowledge. Stores that stock fakes typically try to save on everything, from store design to sales staff, and will often hire salespeople of non-Venetian or even non-Italian origin, who know little about Murano Glass.

How to pay the right price. It is very disappointing to find a piece you love and pay a fortune for it, only to find out later that the next store sells something very similar for half the price. Even though you should be aware of places that sell things very cheap which typically means they sell fakes , it is important to get a good feel for the prices on authentic Murano glass in Venice before buying that piece you just love.

There are rarely two pieces that are exactly the same in different stores, but similar pieces made in the same technique are often easy to find, and comparison-shopping is very possible and advisable. Contrary to popular thinking, Murano Island does not always offer better prices. Many glitzy showrooms on Murano have agreements with Venetian hotels, which talk guests into free no-obligation visits in private boats.

Once in the showroom, such captive visitors often experience lots of sales pressure and are made to feel that this is their last opportunity to buy, and the best price they could possibly get.

Needless to say, this is usually not the case, but many unsuspecting tourists do fall in this trap and buy expensive pieces on the spot, which they later regret. How to ship Murano Glass home from Venice. Find out first how the piece will get to your home.

Of course it may be tempting to just take the piece with you, but it may not be practical if it is very fragile, large, heavy, or otherwise presents a challenge on the plane, train or other means of transportation that you will take. Many Venetian and Murano merchants will offer you to ship your purchase. This sounds convenient but presents its own challenges.

When and how will it be shipped? Will you be able to track it yourself? What happens if it gets damaged in transit or disappears along the way?

What will you do if due to some misunderstanding or error it never leaves the warehouse, or if you receive the wrong piece altogether? Always make sure that you have the information of the contact person in the store or factory, and have recourse in case something goes wrong with the shipment.

If you can take your Murano Glass treasure with you without too much trouble, we always advise you to do that rather than have it shipped. If you do ship it and something goes wrong, contact the store that sold you the item and talk to them about resolving the situation.

The more reputable the store, the higher the chances that they will work with you and make things right. In conclusion, many people believe that it is best to purchase Murano Glass in Venice because that way they will certainly get an authentic piece at the right price. Unfortunately, just by buying in Venice you are neither assured authenticity, nor a good deal.

So many merchants peddle fake glassware in Venice that police is periodically raiding the stores and seizing the counterfeits. Moreover, lots of unscrupulous store owners take advantage of unsuspecting tourists charging them sky-high prices for mediocre-quality pieces that may or may not be genuine.

If you do decide to shop for Murano Glass in Venice, please follow our advice to avoid the common traps. It is important to be armed with information in order to solve any potential problems. How to identify Murano Glass? How to be sure that I am buying a genuine work of Venetian masters, a piece of authentic Murano Glass?

Unfortunately, there are not always identifying marks found on Murano glassware and it is not easy to identify Murano Glass. And therefore, this question is by far the most common one among those we receive. This does not come as a surprise since so many counterfeits have flooded the market in recent years. Most Murano Glass lovers appreciate Venetian glassware not only for its beauty but also for its historic, artistic, and sentimental value.

So understandably they want to be sure they are buying the real thing, handmade in a Murano Glass factory, rather than some cheap imitation. Here are our top 5 expert tips to ensure you are buying authentic Murano Glass, whether in a store or online.

Does the item appear to be hand-made with a slightly uneven surface or texture, or, perhaps, tiny bubbles inside the glass? If two of the same item stand next to each other on a store shelf are they identical or can you spot small differences?

Are the photos clear and professional, high resolution and high definition, showing the surface and texture of the glass? Can the photos be enlarged so you can clearly see the patterns Are the colors bright and rich?

Does the item seem to glow from within? Does it talk about real 24K gold or genuine silver being used during production of the glass? Always look for the evidence of the hand-crafted nature of the items, good photos, rich colors, and specific descriptions. Finally, look at the price and research where it fits in comparison to prices other sellers charge for similar objects make sure the style and size of the objects you compare is similar and technique is the same.

Be on alert for prices that are way too low, this may be a sign of a counterfeit. Are there any markings, stickers, or engraved signatures on the piece? It helps if there is a mark identifying a certain Murano company or a signature of the master glass-maker on the item, and some Murano Glass companies do label, stamp or sign their work in some way.

However, if your piece does not have any marks or labels, it does not automatically mean that it is not genuine.

Keep in mind that there is no legal requirement in Italy that Murano Glass come with some sort of a standard stamp, sticker or any other identifying mark. Therefore, at present only a relatively small group of Murano glass factories are the members of that consortium, mainly because they have issues marketing their products themselves.

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