What jobs can i do with a teaching degree

what jobs can i do with a teaching degree

Alternative Jobs for Education Majors

Jul 23,  · Holding a teaching degree may qualify you for jobs in business, non-profit organizations, publishing, government and more. So, if you’re a teacher who is considering a second career, know there are many companies that are eager to hire . A career in education can be rewarding, fulfilling, and exhilarating. Many teachers love shaping young minds and helping prepare students for a changing future. However, the job can also be stressful, heartbreaking, and highly political, which can make some teachers consider leaving the field.

A teaching degree is a degree that can give you a huge range of options after graduation. A retail store manager has to have skills in managing a group of people and multi-tasking. Highlight the management skills that you acquired through your degree. A retail store manager is in charge of managing staff, ordering stock, organizing stocktaking and inventory, and doing financial reports.

Managing groups of people is a skill that all teachers have. In fact, perhaps managing adults teahcing a little easier! An ESL Teacher can exercise their teaching skills in a fun and adventurous job. Teaching English overseas gives you what is 297mm in cm abroad and, clearly, you can sell your teaching skills when applying for this job.

ESL teachers work with people who do not speak English but are trying to learn. As an ESL teacher, you job be spending your days working in groups and one-to-one helping people learn English phrases, verb conjugations, idioms, and so on.

There are jobs available both at home and abroad as an ESL teacher. Consider applying your organization and time management skills you developed during your degree to making your own job for yourself! An entrepreneur works for themselves. Maybe you want to start a cafe, a daycare center, or a farm. Teachers need expert writing skills.

Use that knowledge of paragraph structurepunctuation and writing style to make some money! A great benefit of this job is that you can work from home. Throughout your teaching degree, you had to write papers that demonstrated professional writing skills. There is no barrier to entry for freelance writing.

Teachers are people with a great deal of compassion and patience with young people. Put these positive interpersonal traits to work providing counseling to young people.

A guidance counselor works with young people on academic, social and emotional teachung. They will often also provide careers and college advice. At times, it will also be your job to mediate conflict between students whatt their friends or teachers. Apply your expertise in pedagogy and curriculum to train the next generation of educators. If you want to get some more intellectual stimulation and spend less time on classroom management what channel is abc in greenville sc, consider stepping up to a role as a professor.

You can either teach education theory or in a subject-specific role. Colleges are often looking for instructors and adjucts to teach Education subjects. Look at jobs going at your local college. You may need a masters degree or Ph. D to get a tenured position, so consider going back to school to get a doctorate in education. An academic adviser is a person employed what is bipolar disease symptoms a university to help students navigate through their degree.

They provide information on program requirements and course options. They are the people at university who talk to you about your program, what courses you need to take to complete your degree, and how to change majors. You will be able to take your skills advising young people straight into this role. You will need to get to know college students one-on-one and learn about what they want out of life.

Then, together you can work on getting them toward their goals. You can also demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of curricula to potential employers. An online curriculum designer creates training content for online courses. They are common for workplace training courses or online certifications.

You will create video and text lessons, followed by quizzes and discussion forums to allow for learner interaction. This job will require some technological skills, ccan they can be learned fast.

The most important skills are the ability to teach and present information clearly and entertainingly. Youth outreach is a common job within NGO and government organizations. Spend your time creating extracurricular educational experiences for young people. Consider this: a local community garden has been given a grant to promote healthy eating to local youths. It hires a person with a teaching degree to create two-hour sessions on healthy eating, to be delivered twice a day at the teaxhing garden.

As a youth outreach coordinator, you will spend your time designing and delivering lessons to young people for a wihh organization. You might work for an environmental, Indigenous, entrepreneurial, sporting, or similar community organization. Use your research skills developed in your degree for this role.

You can work for a university professor or market research organization to facilitate focus group discussions or gather empirical data. Researchers work in government and non-government companies to gather and process population data. You what is the meaning of hut be employed to conduct focus group interviews, gather statistical data, or crunch the numbers to identify trends.

Hobs in day care or early learning will require your child management skills. Early childhood is also increasingly seen as a time of life in which a great deal of learning and teaching needs to occur. Your pedagogy will become much more play-based as you help inspire children to engage in imaginative and cooperative play. Help children develop gross and fine motor skills and move through the stages of child development.

Bring your education skills to your local library. A librarian will often run educational programs for children in the community, organize regular what is praziquantel used for training sessions, and of course curate and organize books. Bring your skills in teaching and working with children to your local library. A librarian will do a lot of work organizing library events.

As part of this, you may be asked to run sessions showing children the importance of reading booksor find people in the local community to run their own sessions. You will work on programs that support the community such as resume writing sessions and computer literacy sessions.

There may be an opportunity to work on support programs for new immigrants, also. You will be guiding people through notable spaces and explaining their significance to tourists.

A tour guide is an educator. She needs to be able to explain interesting and sometimes complex historical information sith groups. Highlight your personable style and approachability. Another trait tour guides often need is organization.

Bring your teaching to the great outdoors as a ski instructor. Plus, what better way to taching the day than on the slopes? You can teach either adults or degtee as a ski instructor. When you teach adults, the tips can be surprisingly good! Ski instructors only work half the year. For the other half, consider instructing that other awesome sport: surfing! Skip to content A teaching degree is a degree that can give you a dhat range of options after graduation.

Jobs you can get with a teaching degree include: Retail Store Manager. ESL Teacher Overseas. Freelance Copywriter. Guidance Counselor. Academic Advisor. Online Curriculum Designer. Youth Outreach Coordinator. Community Organizer. Au Pair. Exchange Coordinator. Tour Guide. Ski Instructor.

Jobs you can get with a Teaching Degree 1. Retail Store Manager Drgree retail store manager has to have skills in managing a group of people and multi-tasking. Skills you Can Demonstrate from your Teaching Degree: Training staff Hard work and determination aka intrinsic motivation Navigating bureaucratic requirements 4. Guidance Counselor Teachers are people with a great deal of compassion and patience with young people. Skills you Can Demonstrate from your Teaching Degree: Teaching strategies Your expert knowledge in your subject area One-to-one guidance skills Curriculum design and development 7.

Academic Advisor An academic adviser is a person employed by a university to help students navigate through their degree. Online Curriculum Designer An online curriculum designer creates training content for online courses. Skills in multi-modal teaching. Ability to create assessments and quizzes. Facilitation of discussion.

Curriculum design and development.

Alternative Careers for an Education Major

Primary duties: Since many teaching specializations require strong writing skills, many teachers find that this job is a natural fit if they leave the teaching profession. Writers can find steady work in the fields of advertising, magazines, newspapers, copywriting and more.

Teaching can be a very rewarding and meaningful job. However, not all teachers find that the job works for their lifestyle forever. Many teachers eventually look to use their teaching skills in a different context. In this article, you'll find a list of jobs that might be of interest to teachers who are looking to phase out of the teaching profession and use their skills in a different field.

Related: Core Values: Overview and Examples. If you are looking to make a change, here is a list of 20 jobs that will allow you to build on some skills you have already fostered in your time as a teacher. Primary duties: Childcare workers get the benefits of spending their days with children, but do not have to concern themselves with the meetings, grading and paperwork that can consume teachers.

Childcare workers may be responsible for one or more children in a private home or daycare setting. They may work alone or with other professionals. They may also be able to work with children of different ages, which typically isn't an option for an elementary, middle or high school teacher. Primary duties: Like teachers, assistant teachers spend their days in the classroom with students.

Unlike teachers, assistant teachers do not have many, if any, responsibilities for curriculum development or assessment. Therefore, assistant teachers can usually leave their responsibilities at school when the day ends. For teachers who are just looking to free up their nights and weekends but who still enjoy the classroom experience, this can be the perfect choice.

Primary duties: One of the most important parts of teaching is motivating students. This skill will translate wonderfully into the field of personal training.

Personal trainers have a passion for physical fitness and they use that passion to teach and inspire their clients. They help their clients understand how the body responds to exercise and diet. To advance in the field quickly, you'll want to earn your personal trainer certification. This is an obvious profession for physical education teachers to explore, but anyone who has coached might find that they have an interest in this field. It's also a good field to explore while you are still working as an educator to make sure it's the right fit.

Primary suties: Substance abuse counselors, like teachers, are focused on helping people. Their profession involves guiding people as they work to recover from drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictions. Primary duties: Museums are places of learning, so a natural fit for former educators. A museum curator acquires, stores and exhibits art. A teaching background will help you plan displays, events and shows that will benefit and engage your intended audience.

It may also help you anticipate what other materials would be necessary to further educate your visitors and curate your museum's collection. Additionally, you might find that volunteering at a museum is a good way to stay engaged with your community if you have recently retired from teaching.

Primary duties: Event planners organize and coordinate all aspects of events, such as weddings, meetings and conventions. They are in charge of coordinating locations, transportation, meals and more. For teachers who used to love planning field trips and assemblies, this might be the perfect change of pace. Primary duties: Museum archivists are important members of museum teams. They find, acquire, authenticate and appraise historical documents and other museum materials.

They also organize, classify and safeguard materials so that they are easy to search through. They are also leaders in the museum who direct workers to help arrange and exhibit collections. Primary duties: This job isn't much of a departure from teaching, but it does allow an educator to work in a different environment and with non-traditional students. These teachers work with adults who have not yet finished high school and who are ready to get the skills to move forward with their own careers.

It is an opportunity to work with students who are usually highly motivated and appreciative of the opportunity to learn to read or to qualify for their General Education Diploma GED. Primary duties: While school counselors primarily work in schools, career counselors work also in colleges, government agencies, career centers, non-profits and private companies.

They help people figure out what they would like to do in the future and what education and skills they will need in order to get those jobs. Primary duties: A wholesale sales representative is an entry-level sales position where you sell goods to businesses and organizations.

Teaching skills, like the ability to connect with different kinds of people and the ability to explain information in a clear and concise manner, translate well into this field. Primary duties: Human resource specialists use many of the interpersonal skills that teachers use to successfully complete their jobs. They are responsible for recruiting, hiring and training new staff for large companies.

Skills as an educator and your ability to work with a variety of different learners will make it easier for you to successfully plan and implement the training of new employees. Primary duties: Respiratory therapists work with people who have trouble breathing. Their patients may range from infants to the elderly, so it's a good opportunity for a former teacher who loves helping people but who is looking to transitioning to helping a different population.

You can also begin to transition to the field with an associate's degree, so former teachers might find it's an easier transition than enter other professions. Primary duties: Radiological technologists take the images used for medical diagnoses, such as X-rays and MRIs. They need strong interpersonal skills because they are often working with people during challenging times.

They need to explain the procedures done during imaging scans. Teachers might often find that they are using the same people skills they used while teaching to educate patients. Primary duties: Since many teaching specializations require strong writing skills, many teachers find that this job is a natural fit if they leave the teaching profession.

Writers can find steady work in the fields of advertising, magazines, newspapers, copywriting and more. This profession might also give you the opportunity to work remotely or to do freelance work. Primary duties: Life coaching is very similar to teaching in the sense that your goal is to help students find their strengths, change habits that may be holding them back, identify their goals and then work towards them.

What is unique about life coaching is that you might not be doing your work in a classroom setting. Primary duties: Instructional coordinators are leadership roles in education. They are responsible for overseeing and developing curriculums and teaching practices. They also evaluate the effectiveness of programs. All of this work is greatly enhanced by previous hands-on teaching experience.

You will probably need to get a master's in curriculum and instruction or educational leadership to pursue this option. Primary duties: Personal financial advisors work with individuals to help them make sound financial decisions. They meet with families and educate them about their investment options. Math teachers, in particular, might find that they have a strong skill set to be successful as a personal financial advisor.

Primary duties: Dental hygienists with a background in education will find that they can use their teaching skills when educating patients about proper oral care. Dental hygienists are also responsible for cleaning teeth and taking x-rays. They work closely with dentists to assess and care for the oral health of their patients. Primary duties: Postsecondary teachers work in community colleges, colleges and universities. They might provide instruction or conduct and publish research.

A master's degree is often sufficient to work at the community college level, but a doctoral degree will be necessary to advance in this field. Former teachers may also work in admission, academic advising, transcript evaluation or in the registrar's office of colleges and universities. There are also many online schools that need these services, so it may be possible to work remotely in this profession. Primary duties: Real estate agents work with buyers and sellers to facilitate the sale of real estate, both residential and commercial.

They spend their days working with clients and educating clients about the homes and communities they are exploring. Former teachers would find that many of their interpersonal skills would help them to succeed in this profession. Skip to main content Indeed Home.

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Childcare worker. Assistant teacher. Personal trainer. Substance abuse counselor. Museum curator. Event planner. Museum archivist. Adult literacy and high school equivalency diploma teacher. School and career counselor. Wholesale sales representative. Human resource specialist. Respiratory therapist.

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